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2.42 Carat Sapphire Diamond Necklace
$ 7.990

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$ 4.794

0.36 Carat Sapphire Diamond Necklace
$ 1.090

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$ 654

0.56 Carat Sapphire Diamond Necklace
$ 1.116

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$ 781

0.70 Carat Sapphire Diamond Necklace
$ 2.100

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$ 1.470

0.10 Carat Sapphire Diamond Ring
$ 1.026

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$ 718

0.12 Carat Collier Diamant Saphir
$ 798

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$ 479


0.24 Carat Sapphire Diamond Necklace
$ 816

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$ 571

The new series of Sapphire Necklaces launched by the renowned jewelry brand, Altınbaş, has a lot more to offer than what you expect. Dazzling jewelry sets and ornaments weaved together with this precious blue gemstone is exclusively designed for women of all ages. Popularly called the ‘divine stone’, sapphire is the symbolic representation of purity, wisdom, and chastity. Altınbaş artistry reflects the true essence of this royal blue stone through its inspiring and innovative necklace sets.
Sapphire jewelry is the current fad among today’s women due to its magnificent outlook. These impressive jewel pieces elevate your style quotient to a whole new level. The latest collection of sapphire necklaces from Altınbaş are perfect for flaunting during any special occasion, be it weddings, traditional festivals, family parties, and so on. You could even impress your beloved one by gifting them a unique masterpiece jewel set like never before.

Discover our sapphire necklaces

According to ancient history, the majestic sapphire stone is believed to have magical and spiritual properties. Altınbaş artisans are committed to celebrating the cultural heritage of this wonder stone by crafting exceptional jewelry models in striking patterns. There is a wide range of sapphire bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and much more for every person with varied tastes and preferences.
Sapphire is considered one of the most durable natural stones in the world, so these gorgeous ornamental pieces made with perfection would travel with you for a lifetime. Altınbaş sapphire necklaces could turn out to be the best romantic gift for your partner. A super trendy and chic necklace design would go well with their favorite attire. You can also spare some time to choose exquisite and luxury necklace sets from the entire sapphire series. From minimalistic design and dainty necklaces to solid and heavy-layered necklaces, Altınbaş has it all for the devoted fashionistas.

Where to buy sapphire necklaces?

If you are obsessed with traditional and authentic sapphire necklaces, you can explore the famous vintage sapphire collection from Altınbaş. Similarly, it has an enchanting line-up of modern and stylish sapphire necklace designs for the new-gen. Such excellent jewel sets are meticulously made by focusing on the intricate details and aesthetic elements to achieve a truly stellar product. Sapphire stones paired with sparkling diamonds are a ‘big hit’ among women. So, next time when you search for ways to accessorize your outfit, you can simply head towards Altınbaş stunning sapphire necklaces. These high-quality, impeccable, and convenient designs are sure a visual treat to the eyes!

Blue Sapphire Necklaces and White Sapphire Necklaces

Blue and white sapphire necklaces from the house of Altınbaş are a treasured category, which sports pristine gemstones with the fullest clarity. They feature brilliant and precise cuts with attractive pendants complementing the overall look. You are introduced to a pool of assorted jewel pieces of varying shapes and sizes; it’s up to you to choose the ideal one that suits your personality. Both the velvety blue and the classic white sapphire necklaces adorn your neckline and bring in extra charm for your vibrant soul. You can easily match the sapphire necklaces with lovely ruby necklaces and create a fresh look.