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Engagement and wedding are among the most beautiful and important moments of life. A special ring would be a nice gift to celebrate these precious moments. Among such rings, the golden rings symbolise eternal love. Altınbaş turns this symbol of eternal love into something you can always take by your side. This way Altınbaş 22K gold rings offer wide options for every taste.

Discover Our 22K Gold Rings

Our 22K gold ring collection has different designs for an engagement ring or a wedding ring. The Solitaire 22 carat gold ring can be a good option for proposing. On the other hand, a 22K five stone gold ring is a perfect gift option for your wife.The stones cut in different sizes are fitted on the gold ring models. The collection has different-sized stones for special and daily use. While the 22K rings with large stones can be used in celebrations or anniversaries, the 22K rings with smaller stones can be used in everyday life.

What is Carat Value in a Gold Ring?

All gold rings have stamps signifying the karat value of the ring. This is also called the karat stamp. The stamps show the karat value of the ring such as 18K, 22K, or 24K. By looking at this stamp inside the ring, it is possible to choose a 22K gold ring.

How to Clean a 22K Gold Ring?

There are two main methods to clean a 22K gold ring in order to make it look as shiny as the first day. In the first method, a mixture of dish soap and lukewarm water is rubbed on the ring. In the second method, a mixture of baking soda and salt with warm water is applied to the ring. Then, the mixtures are cleaned with a damp cloth in both methods.

What is 22 Carat?

The 22K gold engagement rings are the result of fine craftsmanship. Each ring in the collection is carefully designed for life-long use. The 22K gold material is carefully combined with different stones. Diamond ring models can also be 22K gold rings. The precious stones in this collection include zirconium and other semi-precious stones.