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Choose the perfect baguette diamond rings with special offers!

Altınbaş baguette diamond rings are the perfect choice for carrying the dazzling sparkle of a diamond on your fingers. Glimmering baguette rings with their fine details will help you catch the eye of anyone in the room. Altınbaş baguette diamond rings can also be extraordinary gifts for special occasions.

Dating back to the Art Deco era, baguette diamond rings embody a sophisticated and vintage look. Baguette diamonds have a rectangular, thin, and long shape. Often used as engagement or wedding rings, baguette diamonds can be preferred alone or as side stones within an arrangement. There are a variety of styles on this type of rings, including step cuts, three stone settings and brilliant cut baguettes. Baguette cut diamond rings do not cease to appeal to modern taste with their signature design. You can choose the baguette diamond ring of your dreams among a wide range of selections with special offers at Altınbaş Jewellery.

Are baguette diamonds out of style?

Baguette cut diamonds are distinctly shaped in rectangular forms with exceptional clarity. Straight edges and geometric forms of baguette diamonds are reminiscent of the 1920s. However, even today, its unique design makes it the most romantic engagement or wedding ring. The sweet nostalgia brought by baguette diamonds is definitely a classic. The versatile design choices of baguette diamond rings make them non-traditional, but certainly with a distinct character. Although different styles of sapphire diamond rings still draw much attention, an attractive setting can adorn baguette diamonds with a very modern edge. Whether arranged horizontally or vertically, baguette diamond rings manage to be rather trendy. Yet, there are still certain factors to consider before purchasing a baguette diamond ring. For example, a good grade brilliant cut diamond ring shines better than a baguette cut diamond ring due to the number of the facets and the conic form, which helps it better reflect the light that comes through the table facet on top. On the other hand, it is important to make sure that the colour grades match in the arrangement if you want to use baguette diamonds as side stones. The clarity of baguette diamonds is equally important as the wide surface will definitely make it easier to realise any imperfections. Baguette cut diamonds are relatively more delicate, which is why the setting is of great importance. Do not worry, a well-made setting will ensure its endurance.

How can you tell if a diamond baguette is real?

A magnifying glass or a loupe are often used to determine the authenticity of a diamond. Majority of pure diamonds have some imperfections. It is extremely difficult to find a perfect one, which means those that look flawless are most likely fake. Examine your baguette diamond up close by ten times magnifying and look for small fractures and black spots. Do not forget that it is very difficult to scratch a real diamond. If your diamond baguette is lacking any imperfections, it might be fake. 

You can also check the diamond’s facets. Real baguette cut diamonds will have sharper edges whereas there might be round edges in fake ones. Another thing to look at is the baguette diamond’s setting. Real diamonds are usually set in yellow, white, or rose gold rings rather than silver. The setting of your baguette diamond ring should tell a lot about the quality and craftsmanship if the diamond is real. Lastly, you can breathe on your diamond to see if it covers in fog because real diamonds will not get foggy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a baguette diamond differ from other diamond cuts?
Baguette diamonds have a rectangular shape with straight, parallel facets, unlike round or brilliant cuts which have more facets and a different type of sparkle. Baguette cuts offer a clean, elegant, and understated shine.
Are baguette diamond rings suitable for engagement rings?
Absolutely! Baguette diamond rings make stunning and unique engagement rings. Their elegant and sophisticated design can either stand alone or complement a central gemstone.
What occasions are perfect for gifting a baguette diamond ring?
Baguette diamond rings are perfect for engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, or any special occasion where you want to give a timeless and elegant piece of jewelry.
Are baguette diamond rings suitable for daily wear?
Yes, baguette diamond rings are suitable for daily wear. Their sleek design is both durable and elegant, making them a versatile accessory for any outfit.
Do Altınbaş baguette diamond rings come with a certificate of authenticity?
Yes, all Altınbaş diamond rings, including those with baguette diamonds, come with a certificate of authenticity that verifies the quality and specifications of the diamonds used in the ring.