Altınbaş History

Altınbaş History
Altınbaş Jewelry, since the first day it was founded, with branding and store activities, innovations and firsts brought to the sector, continues a steady rise in the road constantly targeting a total of 500 destinations around the world.
Founded in 1975 in Gaziantep by the Altınbaş family, Altınbaş Jewelery achieved a great growth in a short time with its successful and systematic works. Integrating with the developing world, Altınbaş Kuyumculuk is today the sectoral leading brand of Altınbaş Holding.
Altınbaş collections come out with the interpretation of an aesthetic understanding that extends from Turkish motifs and history to universal lines by following the trends and innovations in the world by the expert design team in its staff. ISO 9001 quality certified production is taking place at the Altınbaş Factory equipped with the latest technology at Turkey's largest gold factory with a closed area of ​​15 thousand square meters in Istanbul, Beylikdüzü.
Having adopted the mission of leading the Turkish jewelry industry with innovations and firsts, Altınbaş aims to provide a preferred shopping experience by catching excellent product and service quality with its widespread concept stores.
Milestones of Success; From a small jewelery shop to a shining industry leader in 40 countries ...
The foundations of Altınbaş Jewelry were laid when Altınbaş family entered the jewelry wholesale business in Gaziantep in the 1950s. Altınbaş, by depicting the fascinating reflections of Turkey's rich geograpy with eye catching models, drags women into a magical world.
Altınbaş Jewelery was established as a small shop in Gaziantep in 1975 by Mehmet Altınbaş and his sons.
In 1985, wholesale sales on 14 carat gold were started in Istanbul Çuhacı Han.
At Şeref Han in 1994 in Istanbul, activities were started with Turkey's first major wholesale center  and marketing teams were built.
In 1996, it became the first advertising company in the jewelry sector with its advertisements in the national media.
In 1997, Altınbaş became the first company in Turkey to set up the franchise system in the jewelry industry.
In 1998, the first Altınbaş Jewelry retail store was opened in Sultanahmet.
In 2000, Altınbaş Jewelry added Altınbaş Pırlanta to its rich product range.  
In 2008, Turquality was included in the brand.
In 2008, in the independent sector research of Sibermetrik Research company, Altınbaş became the first known brand in both gold and diamonds.
Altınbaş was chosen as the brand of the year as a result of the survey conducted by Ekovitrin magazine and also took the "Superbrands Türkiye" award by chosen as one of the most  succesfull 27 brands of Turkey.
Altınbaş As of 2009, the only brand from Turkey international sectoral organizations has been a member of CIBJO.
Altınbaş prepared a special collection (L'or collection) by having chosen as a partner of the international gold bourse of Turkey.
Export Champions in Precious Metals and Jewelery sector Export Award at TIM 2011.
At the 2013 Export Stars Award Ceremony, it was deemed worthy of the first prize in the category of "jewelery and jewelery made of gold" by the Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters Union (İMMİB).
In 2014, "Jewelery's Oscar" was given to a Turkish Brand for the first time in the Most Reputable Luxury Brand Awards. Altınbaş won the award in the Luxury Jewelry category at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014, which are traditionally held every year for the luxury consumer sector worth 250 billion dollars.
As Altınbaş Jewelery, it employs nearly 1000 employees with its central organization and branches.
The company, which is chaired by Imam Altinbas, still continues its activities by increasing its success with its staff consisting of the best experts in the sector.
Altınbaş has begun to carry out it's commercial activities outside Turkey with ICESCOPE LTD, a London-based company established in 2020.
Commercial Title: Icescope Ltd.