Altınbaş Awards

Consumer Friendly Brands award given by Consumer Report Magazine and Fikri Mühim.

The 1st most recognized brand in the sector in gold and diamonds by the Sibermetrik Research research company.

The most known brand in the gold and diamond category in the Brands Research conducted by Nielsen research company.

Mother's Day advertisement achievement award in crystal apple advertising awards, brand of the year as a result of the survey conducted by Ekovitrin magazine.

Altınbaş as the only brand in Turkey by 2008, the member of CIBJO, the international sectoral organizations.

At the 2013 Export Stars Award Ceremony, Altınbaş was deemed worthy of the first prize in the category of "jewelery and jewelery made of gold" by the Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters Union (İMMİB).

In 2014, the "Oscar of Jewelery" was given to a Turkish Brand for the first time in the Most Reputable Luxury Brand Awards. Altınbaş won the award in the Luxury Jewelry category at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014, which are traditionally held every year for the luxury consumer sector worth 250 billion dollars.

Altınbaş is a member of BMD and AMPD.