Altınbaş Values

Altınbaş Jewelry Import Export Industry and Trade Inc., by correctly determining the customer needs and expectations in order to become a global company in globalizing markets; will continuously improve the process, product and service quality with the participation of all employees to meet these expectations. Accordingly, we guarantee compliance with the following criteria in terms of quality, environment, occupational safety and occupational health in our activities in our company:

We guarantee that all relevant legal requirements, laws and regulations are fulfilled.

We participate in studies on developing awareness of quality, environment, occupational health and safety, we create projects and goals, implement them and make observations to ensure the continuity of this awareness and take corrective actions when necessary.

We adopt the principle of using all kinds of resources in the most efficient way in our processes.

We regard each individual or legal personality we are in contact with, both internally and externally, as business partners, and develop our relationships with them on mutual benefit based on continuous trust.

We develop methods to minimize our material and moral losses in case of an accident or emergency that may occur during our activities.