President's Message

The foundations of Altınbaş Holding were laid by our late father Mehmet Altınbaş in the 1950s. Since then, we have continuously developed Altınbaş Holding with our new investments and turned it into one of Turkey’s leading forces.

With our experience of 60 years and our international investments, we carry on with contributing to the economy of our country every year. Our investments in such countries as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Germany, Bulgaria, Albania, Republic of Macedonia, USA and Ukraine create employment opportunities there.

From the first day onwards, we have never lost our faith in entrepreneurship as well as our innovative and creative outlook. Our Altınbaş Jewelry Group, the flagship of Altınbaş Holding, is the most striking evidence of this vision.

As of today, we observe that Turkey has become one of the most important centers of the Global Jewelry Industry, and feel proud since Altınbaş brand has had a vital stake in this outcome.

As Altınbaş Mücevherat, we aimed at the development of the Turkish jewelry industry with all our activities. We wanted our industry to develop with us while we were growing and getting stronger. In our history of more than 60 years, we have achieved many firsts that can be considered as turning points in our industry.

For the first time in Turkey, we carried out the production of branded jewelry. We introduced diamond jewelry to the Turkish consumer, and opened the period of branded jewelry retailing by bringing to life the notion of “concept stores” in Turkey.

So, briefly, in Turkey "jewel" in the identification, we have taken decisions that have contributed to the emergence of understanding of marketing and consumption habits.

At the point we have reached today, the strategic decisions we made at the right time had a big share. This process, which we started, set an example for other companies in our industry and led them to follow the same path after us.

As in every business we are dealing with, Altınbaş Jewelery was born with our belief in entrepreneurship, innovation and our desire to add value to the country's economy. We set out to interpret the diamond out of the ordinary, to be the pioneer of innovations in the sector and to bring our brand to the top.

Making sure that our customers leave our stores entirely satisfied has always been our top priority. As an outcome of this perspective, Altınbaş has been hailed as “the most trustworthy brand in jewelry” year after year in the surveys conducted by independent research companies in Turkey.

We maintain our leadership position in the sector by emphasizing designs that have a story, reflect a theme, and blend traditional values with modern styles.

Our strength comes from growing constantly and without losing speed, and we always focus on efficiency. We are the only Turkish jewelry brand to become a member of the World Jewelry Confederation, and we rank among the top players of the global jewelry industry.

Moreover, our successful activities will go on with the improved levels we attain in production as well as in the areas of design, branding, marketing, service, after-sales support and distribution. Of course, in all our activities, our franchise business partners have always been and will continue to be the cornerstone of our success.


Yours sincerely ,