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Every bride wants to look unique on her wedding day, yet the risk of experimenting with unknown designers can be scary. Altınbaş’s expert jewelry designers bring you timeless designs that enhance your personality and bring out the glow on your special day. Set in diamonds, pearls, and various other precious stones, Altınbaş brings life-long memories and happiness.

Behind the wedding vows and beautifully floating wedding dress, the wedding jewelry set is the last key ingredient to making the bride ecstatic on her special day. The Altınbaş wedding set for women is a collection of similarly themed jewelry sets put together to embrace her feminine beauty unfiltered. This wedding jewelry set ranges from vintage elegance of pretty pearls to the modern exuberance of 22-carat gold. The Altınbaş expert artisans have bejewelled brides over a period of numerous years and through various fashion trends and brides’ personal preferences. With expertise and experience, the Altınbaş artisans have put together a collection that is exclusive to the beautiful brides-to-be. The range offers different variety, and Altınbaş ensured that there is something for everyone. Whatever may be your dream appearance you envisioned yourself for your wedding, these wedding jewelry sets do strive to make it a reality. If you want a sleek and dainty design, then there is a piece of wedding jewelry set to match your preference. If you want the most dramatic and extravagant wedding, then there is a design for you as well.Altınbaş wedding jewelry set is crafted to meet you and your imagination halfway. No matter your style, classic or contemporary or something that is yet to be caught up by the fashion industry, you will find your wedding jewelry in the Altınbaş collection. This beautiful bridal set by Altınbaş encompasses a diamond wedding set, gold wedding set, pearl wedding set and many more.

Discover our Wedding Sets:

The Altınbaş wedding sets are crafted to make the wedding of your dreams a reality. In this collection, Altınbaş differentiated the jewelry into different groups for you to pick the one that is to your liking. The different divisions include gold wedding set, mini gold wedding set, diamond wedding set, pearl wedding set and 22-carat gold wedding set. Popularly, Altınbaş wedding sets consist of matching necklaces and earrings of similar gemstone or similar carat of gold. Sometimes the necklaces and earrings come with bracelets and rings that will complement the entire set.

Bridal Jewelry Sets

The wedding jewelry set by Altınbaş will silhouette your happiness with sparkling brilliance. Bejewelled in the elegant wedding set for all eyes on your wedding will be glued onto your effortless grace as it should be. Drape in as much shimmer as your heart yearns for, Altınbaş has an extensive range to comply with your expectations. If it is the yesteryear radiance that you expect in your wedding apparel, then thebridal jewelry setsget you covered.

Diamond Bridal Sets

Even though there is a wide range of jewelry out there, nothing makes women happier than diamond jewelry. The diamond bridal set is an array of fine cut diamonds encrusted on intricate in house design by Altınbaş jewelers. Worn with a deep V or corset bodice wedding dress, the diamond set will give you the look of exotic sophistication. All the designs in this diamond collection are heirloom-worthy and crafted to last generations.

When to wear bridal sets?

This wedding jewelry should not be locked away after your wedding. You can wear this piece of art to various special events besides your wedding. It will be ideal for wearing them to the glitzy black-tie balls, to the dinner parties, to the romantic dinner date with your husband, and to the fun-filled girls night out. Family gatherings for festivities, friends reunions and birthday parties, all of them can be your excuse to dazzle in your wedding jewelry set. You can wear them as a set or accessorize your attire with just wearing a piece.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a jewelry set?
A jewelry set is a coordinated collection of jewelry pieces designed to be worn together. It typically includes a combination of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or rings with a unifying design or theme.
Is a jewelry set a good gift option?
Yes, jewelry sets make excellent gifts for various occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings. They offer a coordinated and thoughtful present that the recipient can enjoy for years to come.
What is the benefit of buying a jewelry set?
Buying a jewelry set ensures that you have a coordinated look without the need to match individual pieces yourself. It can also be more cost-effective than purchasing each piece separately.
Can jewelry sets be used for bridal wear?
Yes, jewelry sets are popular choices for bridal wear. Bridal sets typically include matching earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, often with diamonds or other gemstones, to complement wedding dresses and formal attire.
Can jewelry sets be worn in a business setting?
Jewelry sets can be suitable for business settings, especially those with understated designs and muted colors. Simple sets with small gemstones or minimalist designs are often appropriate for professional environments.