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22k Gold Necklace

For centuries, necklaces, which have always been a preferred accessory for women with gold that never loses its value, create enchanting and eye-catching designs when combined. Altınbaş's 22K gold necklace collection will provide a more elegant and graceful touch to your special combinations with its complementary effect. Necklaces that women will always carry with them adapt to fashion easily in every era with their Eastern cultural influence as well as their religious and authentic designs.

Gold has always been the favorite jeweler material used around the world. The 22K gold necklace collection by Altınbaş presents both a traditional and modern form of gold necklaces. Created with superior craftsmanship, the gold necklaces stand out with their unique looks. Each piece in the collection adopts a unique design with oriental and traditional lines. The gold jewelry collection can be easily matched with different jewelry as well.

Discover Our 22k Gold Necklaces

Altınbaş offers an extensive 22-carat gold necklace series to match different tastes and styles. While the collection includes more traditional and oriental designs, it also consists of modern interpretation. The elegant structure of the oriental cultures is combined with gold.

22K Gold Necklace Designs

There are different 22K gold necklace designs in the collection. The traditional gold chain is among the most preferred options. Also, there are important symbols of cultures such as Fatima’s hand, Ottoman tugra, and flower of life. Each of these symbols is carefully selected to reflect the skilled gold mastery. The intricate patterns used on the necklaces show how gold can transform into an amazing piece of art.

22K Gold Long Necklace Sets

22K gold long necklace sets consist of gold chains in different lengths. The pieces in these sets can be worn independently. Moreover, it is possible to match the gold chains with other jewelry such as silver necklaces. The combination of different precious materials gives a fresh look to your style.

22k Gold Necklace

22K gold necklace can be worn on almost every occasion. From weddings and engagements to daily life, there is always room for gold jewelry. With this approach, Altınbaş offers a diverse collection of 22-carat gold necklaces. These necklaces are ideal for buying as a gift for engagements, weddings, or birthdays and turn these moments into something memorable.