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Altınbaş presents to you a wonderful and unique collection of gold bracelets and gold bangle bracelets for men. This is the answer to those men who are reluctant to wear jewelry or accessories. Just as stylish suits and shirts are necessary, as are jewelry to embrace the personality and bring out the style quotient in the men. Bracelets are in vogue from the Shakespearean era to the modern and make for the best jewelry choice for men.

Discover our Men's Gold Bracelets

On a casual or a special occasion, Altınbaş’s unique collection of men’s gold bracelets bring charm and style to your demeanour and allow you to stand out in the crowd. The various designs and patterns are undoubtedly inspired by the latest market trends and designed carefully by the experts of Altınbaş. The collection is styled to bring out the fashion statement in a subtle yet powerful way and should not be missed out for any reason.

Men's Gold Bangle

Altınbaş presents to you men’s gold bangles that are smart. Altınbaş believes in style, grace, and charm. Created with unique designs, the gold bangles represent quality and purity - a vision that Altınbaş has always followed. Unique pieces of jewelry, Altınbaş men’s gold bangles make powerful statements making both the man and the entire look outstanding in every way. With the ability to blend with both a casual and formal outfit, Altınbaş’s collections are truly vast and commendable. The shape, style, colour, and design of these bangles speak for the wearer’s taste, personality, and lifestyle choices.

How to make men's bracelets?

Personal style has a significant impact on the design and style of the bracelet. The idea is to look stylish and masculine but not flashy. Some of the popular designs are the black and gold bracelets with a symbolic design on the top. Beaded bracelets are also very much loved.Making a men’s bracelet can be stylish and easy. All you need is metal nuts and wax chords.First, you start with tying two chords together and knotting one end, leaving the other end open.You will add all the metal nuts to one chord.One by one, loop in the other end of the chord individually and add a knot at the end of each metal nut.Lastly, you will tie the ends of the chord together and cut off excess chords.Altınbaş brings to you simple casual bracelets as well as those that heighten both your status as well as personality. Altınbaş’s gold bracelets and gold bangle bracelets for men are the perfect addition to bring the spotlight on the man of tomorrow.

How to wear men's bracelets?

The bracelet should be worn closer to the hand as opposed to closer to the elbow. This is a great way to pull off the wristwatch and the bracelet at the same time. If you would like to stack bracelets on your wrist, the thin ones would be perfect. More than two or three bracelets would be too flashy. Multiple delicate bracelets or one thick bracelet would complete the look perfectly, and it will go very well with the men’s gold earrings.