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Altınbaş sapphire earrings collection is the newest craze among women. Most women are now choosing sapphire over the diamond as their choice for their wedding jewelry. Erstwhile kings and royalty paid their love with sapphire. Blue sapphire earrings represent qualities like nobility, love, truth, faithfulness, and commitment. Altınbaş collection of sapphire earrings are exceptionally crafted to accentuate all of these abstract attributes. Altınbaş sapphire earrings ooze luxury. Altınbaş’s artistry, at every point, highlights the extravagant quality of the gem.Altınbaş sapphire earring collection is a conscious combination of sapphire and diamond with the intent to produce a perfect harmony of blue and grey. Often, the union of sapphire and diamond in the sapphire earrings is exalted by Altınbaş’s addition of gold craftsmanship. Altınbaş sapphire earrings collection encompasses sapphire stud earrings, white sapphire earrings, blue sapphire earrings, pink sapphire earrings, and more.

Discover our Sapphire Earrings

The best feature of the Altınbaş sapphire earrings collection is its versatility; the earring can be worn on all special occasions. Whether the occasion is a wedding, birthday, family get-together, or even school reunion, a pair of sapphire earrings are an excellent choice. Sapphire earrings as birthday presents are creative and romantic at the same time. Moreover, sapphire earrings will be not a farfetched fashion statement for women of all ages. Like the diamond, Altınbaş sapphire earrings can be simple and elegant that can bypass any of your fashion preferences, classic or modern.The sapphire is named after its popular deep blue color. Blue is one of the colors you can match with every style. This property of blue also amounts to wearing sapphire to any occasion. You can also pull off the sapphire earrings with your regular clothes and wear them as the daily shimmer, but expect your colleagues to compliment you on your grandeur. Blue’s representation of wisdom, fidelity, and as the color that is constant and unchanging, makes them an ideal gift for your dearest lover or your mother.

Sapphire Stud Earrings

If your style preference does not favor dangling jewelry, then Altınbaş sapphire stud earrings are for you. Altınbaş crafted stud earrings for women who are into vintage minimal style. Or, if you want to add a little bit of grandeur in your daily attire without going overboard, then the sapphire stud earrings are perfect for you. The designs, similar to the Altınbaş sapphire earrings collection, come with the combination of diamond and sapphire, with a stroke of gold craftsmanship whenever the design requires it. Another one of Altınbaş’s best craftsmanship comes in the form ofDiamond Pearl Earrings. You can match diamond and sapphire to create a lovely and chic style.

How to clean sapphire earrings?

If your sapphire earrings are not looking as pretty as the day you first opened the box, do not be discouraged. Your sapphire earrings can be cleaned to their former glory. Experts at Altınbaş strongly recommend you to the cleaning of your sapphire earrings done professionally. But in the case of professional help not available, there are some cleaning methods that can be performed at your home.Things you will need for cleaning - water, soap, and toothbrush.Step 1: Soak your earring in the water for some time in case of any strong dirt.Step 2: Use a mild soap that is free of any abrasive as the cleaning agent.Step 3: Use a soft toothbrush to scrub out the dirt.Step 4: Rinse the soap and remaining dirt using clean distilled water.The cleaning can also be done with an ultrasonic cleaning machine that is designed to clean diamonds and other gemstones at home.

Pink Sapphire Earrings

Pink sapphire earring is a pretty looking addition to the already elegant Altınbaş sapphire earring collection. These vibrant colored earrings are excellent for a night out; combine them with a beautiful evening gown to make the best of it. The blushing pink color of the sapphire earring is the right element to exhibit your femininity.