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Women’s admiration and love for jewelry are unexplainable. The new Altınbaş collection enhances women’s beauty and not only makes them more confident, but it brings out the best in them. There is an emotional and personal attachment involved when it comes to specific pieces of jewelry. Altınbaş bracelets are in the top five of the list, and it is because these pieces of jewelry are suitable for almost any occasion. Be it for a wedding, a client meeting, or an interview, they can be a part of any experience.Altınbaş brings to you beautiful gold bangles and bracelets well-designed to be worthy of your collection. The range of jewelry contains gold bangle bracelets, white gold bangle bracelets, babies’ gold bangles, and more. The style of the bangles includes traditional, modern, and contemporary designs and comes with customized preferences too. Altınbaş’s vision is to help a woman be her own and shine like never before.Be it for women, children, or men; Altınbaş gold bangle collection is meant for everyone. Be it any occasion, wedding, or family dinner, they have the perfect pair of gold bangles for every mood and need.

Discover Our Gold Bangles

It is not easy to pinpoint the exact time in history when women began to cherish jewelry, but gold bangles have been one of the favourites of them all. Be it a plain one, a clamp gold bangle, or one with beads and stones; Altınbaş offers a great collection to suit your varied needs.

White Gold Bangle Bracelets

Altınbaş proudly presents white gold bangle bracelets crafted with intricate skills by the designers. An alloy of gold adds the desired white color to bring in a lustrous sheen. Moreover, this not only makes the bangle strong but protects it and makes it more durable.Altınbaş allows you to explore a wide range of white gold bangle bracelets to compliment your beauty and radiance. The white gold revolution is here with Altınbaş.

Babies’ Gold Bangle Models

Bangles for babies are presented as blessings and to ward off negativity. Available in universal fitment at Altınbaş, babies' gold bangles would be the perfect gift to bless the little wonders of the world. These gold bangles are safe, pure, and perfect for the baby’s supple skin. The dedicated collection of 22K gold bangles, exclusively for celebrations aim to please one and all.

Men's Gold Bangle Bracelets

Altınbaş presents to you a unique initiative to design men's gold bangle bracelets. Altınbaş's special collection consists of a variety of designs and sizes to suit your diverse tastes and style. Like any piece of jewelry, a bracelet can add glamour to a man’s collection. You can discover traditional, contemporary, and modern patterns with Altınbaş men’s gold bangle collection.Wearing different jewelry can represent various personality traits. Buying a piece of jewelry can be an emotional purchase, just as much as an investment. You can get assured of the excellent quality as Altınbaş adds value to your purchase. There is joy, beauty, and grace with Altınbaş’s elegant gold bangles and bracelets.