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22K Gold Bangles

22K gold bangles are ideal jewelry for different uses. The elegant design of these bangles enables using them in daily life as well as on special occasions. Altınbaş 22K gold bangles collection has a wide range of options for different styles and occasions.

Discover Our 22K Gold Bangles

The quality of Altınbaş is carefully applied in the 22K gold bangle series. The high-quality gold is selected and shaped to create the most elegant form of gold jewelry. As one of the most important motifs of richness and chic looking, gold bangles can be a great choice as a gift to women.

How to Clean 22K Gold Bangle Bracelets?

There are different ways to clean 22K gold bangle bracelets. Using dish soap and warm water can be one of these methods. Second, a mixture of salt and baking soda with lukewarm water can be applied for cleaning. When you rub them on the gold bracelet and rinse with warm water, the gold will be shiny again.

When to Wear 22K Gold bangles?

The 22-carat gold bangles are commonly preferred with their traditional look. The authentic look is combined with a timeless design. Therefore, these bracelet models can be used on traditional occasions. It is possible to wear these models to special events like weddings and engagement receptions. In addition to that, the gold bangles are ideal for wearing when you have something special to celebrate like the birth of a child.

22K Gold Bangles

22K gold bangles listed under the bangle category have different designs. The 22-carat gold bangles are only made out of gold which gives it a traditional look. Each bangle has an exclusive clamping mechanism for ease of wearing. The glamorous look of gold finds a new meaning on the wrists of women. The shiny gold matches well with almost all clothes. Altınbaş 22K gold bangles are designed to attract all the attention on you.