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Altınbaş emerald ring collection for women is crafted for the brides who do not settle for mediocrity. These green rings are perfect for weddings and engagements. Altınbaş emerald ring collection for women is an artistic union of emerald and diamond, with gold craftsmanship whenever the design requires it. The aesthetically pleasing ring should be your wedding ring, promising a long and compassionate life with your soulmate. Altınbaş Emerald ring for your romantic partner can signify how precious they are to you, as “emerald” is one of the precious gemstones in the world.Altınbaş stocks emerald rings in wide-ranging cut stone, including but not limited to square, oval and rose-shaped. The design of the rings is in accordance with the latest trends in fashion. But the ring is also crafted to capture the simplistic and abstract design, so the design is evergreen as the emerald itself. Altınbaş offers different carat options to choose from based on your personal preference and liking. You will find beautiful emerald rings for your collection at Altınbaş; the collection of emerald rings for women encompasses emerald solitaire rings, natural emerald rings, emerald diamond rings, and more.

Discover Our Emerald Rings

Altınbaş emerald rings are exquisite pieces of jewelry that can be an undisputed contender for the wedding ring. These rings will bring joy to your delightful occasion. Emeralds are 20 times rarer than the diamond. This rareness will further make your emerald rings precious than it already is. Furthermore, the beauty that Altınbaş emerald rings exhibit is priceless.Altınbaş stocks Emerald Rings that are made of different stone cuts. The stone cut options available for the rings are rose-shaped emerald cut, oval emerald cut, and square emerald cut. Carat customisation, in accordance with your preference, is also available in this Altınbaş collection. In case you prefer to atch your emerald ring with a lovelygold ring, then the Altınbaş gold ring is an obvious choice.

How to Craft Emerald Rings?

At Altınbaş, the emerald rings are designed and crafted by an unmatched group of artisans with years of experience in making authentic jewelry with traditional sentimentality. The designs that Altınbaş provides range from elaborate solitaire and classic gemstone design to a modern baguette design. The state of the art tech is used in every stage of making the jewelry collection.For crafting an emerald ring, the first thing needed is to determine the emerald for the ring. Emeralds are of two types: Natural emeralds, which are rarer than diamond and lab-created emeralds. Next is to choose the type of emerald cut for your ring. These cuts can be anywhere from square to rose-shaped. And finally, an abstract design or a classic design for your ring is selected and welded as per the design.

How to Clean Emerald Rings?

The cleaning method will be depending on the type of emerald in your ring. If the emerald is lab-created, you can just clean it up using a mild soap and a soft toothbrush. Scrub the dirt off the emerald ring with a toothbrush. You can also use an ultrasonic machine for the lab-created emeralds but do not use it on natural emeralds. Using ultrasonic to clean your natural emerald ring will remove the oil from the emerald. And don’t worry if you accidentally used it on your natural ring; the oil can be restored by a competent jeweler.

Which Finger Is Ideal For Wearing Emerald Stone Rings?

Vedic astrologists/ gemologists recommend wearing an emerald stone ring on the little finger because of the position of the mount of mercury in your hand. If you are not into astrology theories, an emerald ring can be worn on any of your fingers according to your liking.