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Baguette Gold Ring
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Baguette Gold Ring
$ 194

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Baguette Gold Ring
$ 146

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$ 117

Baguette Gold Ring
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Baguette Gold Ring
$ 157

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$ 125

Red Baguette Gold Ring
$ 221

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$ 177

Baguette Gold Ring
$ 302

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$ 241

Baguette Gold Ring
$ 160

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$ 128

Baguette Gold Ring
$ 167

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$ 134

Baguette Gold Ring
$ 175

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$ 140

Baguette Gold Ring
$ 145

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$ 116

Altınbaş baguette gold rings collection is similar to Altınbaş baguette rings collection but differentiates itself with the touch of gold craftsmanship. This creates avant-garde engagement rings that are perfect for creative and daring women who think outside the box. The smaller size and simple rectangular shape of the zircon stones open a wide possibility for designs, and the addition of gold makes the look even more distinctive and beautiful. The option for center stone’s colour is available for this Altınbaş designer baguette gold rings collection. Aside from the transparent aesthetic appearance without any hue of the chemically pure zircon stone, the baguette gold rings collection offers center stone with colours such as purple, green, and turquoise.
You will find beautiful abstract designs in this baguette gold rings collection for Altınbaş lines up the zircon stones not just side by side but also longitudinally. These rings are lightweight and the high-quality zircon stones used along with elegant gold craftsmanship makes this piece of jewelry an excellent choice for fairytale-like weddings and engagements. This beautiful baguette gold rings collection by Altınbaş encompasses different types of gold-infused rings like white gold baguette rings, yellow gold baguette rings, engagement gold baguette rings, etc.

Discover our Baguette Gold Rings

Altınbaş baguette gold rings collection is made up of carefully selected zircon stones that are cut with precision and perfection with gold metal/ craftsmanship to hold the stones. The design and the engineering of the rings are classic, art deco/art nuevo. The lightweight nature of the ring will let you wear it regularly without you feeling any discomfort. These rings are your subtle choice for an engagement ring if you want a simplistic option from the traditional round-cut diamond ring. Altınbaş stocks the baguette gold rings to fit a modern choice of the diamond solitaire. At Altınbaş, you can select the baguette gold rings that fit your preference in ring design, specification, and the gold type due to the wide variety that is available. If Altınbaş’ baguette gold rings interest you, then the Altınbaş’ coloured stone rings collection will also match your liking.

What is a baguette style gold ring?

The baguette-style gold ring gets its name from the charm and look of the zircon stones. The stone is cut in a rectangular shape with circular edges, with the resulting shape resembling a French loaf. In French, the loaf translates to the baguette. This style of gold rings was at its peak popularity around the 1920s due to the prevailing appreciation for the art deco of that time. In the modern versions, the round edges are replaced with square edges. And Altınbaş baguette-style gold rings are even more creative and elegant as in this piece of jewelry the gemstone is elevated with the application of gold as the ring metal. The baguette gold rings are a popular choice now for eternity rings and wedding rings.

How to measure a baguette gold ring?

The simplest method to measure your baguette gold ring is
Step 1: Using a measuring tape, measure the circumference/the outside length of the ring in mm.
Step 2: Use the circumference measurement to determine the diameter/ring’s inside length. Divide the radius by pi to get the diameter (3.14). Your ring size is the result of this calculation.
Tip: If your diameter is reading 51.6mm and the size chart has 51mm and 52mm, choose 52mm.