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When you think of luxury; kings, queens, and exquisite jewelry come to your mind. And what makes the jewelry stand out? It’s the rich, red, royal ruby that is the symbol of strength and prosperity. Known as the king of gemstones, ruby can make you look graceful.Altınbaş ruby earrings symbolises royalty. Perfect in red, these earrings elevate your ensembles with their vibrant designs. The right touch of elegance to your outfit, Altınbaş ruby earrings elaborate the understated chance. Royal jewelry enhances your look, ignites your inner glow, and makes any occasion special.

Discover our Ruby Earrings

Altnbaş ruby earrings are commonly recognized as the most wearable kind of earring. There is one central ruby available in a variety of shapes and carat weights that shines on each ear. Depending on size and quality, Altınbaş ruby earrings are worn daily or for evening party wear. Whether you're wearing a traditional or a contemporary dress, these earrings will bring a shine to your smile. Be it ball-shaped, pendants, or models, Altınbaş ruby diamond earrings come with glamorous and stylish designs. They are spectacular and royal, which makes any outfit stand out.Altınbaş ruby diamond earrings are a perfect gifting option. Adding a festive spirit, these creations with a scatter of pink or red can bring joy to the lives of your loved ones. Whether the look is classic or modern, Altınbaş has the right pair of earrings for you.Another set of earrings designed to help you make a statement areAltınbaş Sapphire Earrings. For the woman who loves to make the first impression, these earrings are the perfect way to do so. Altınbaş sapphire earrings perfectly illustrate the color blue's magnificence. Also, this collection consists of drop, leaf, or flower patterns. Besides, you can find elegant products with abstract designs. If you want to feel royal, Altınbaş sapphire earrings are sure to make you feel that way.

Genuine Ruby Earrings

Altınbaş ruby earrings add royal sparkle to your life. The ruby is 100% pure, genuine, and guaranteed. The designs are well crafted and created by experienced professionals. A combination of traditional and modern designs, these earrings transform your day into a sparkling journey to remember.

How to clean ruby earrings?

Altınbaş ruby earrings require frequent cleaning, especially if you want to keep that sparkle going. Here are some ways to clean them.Place the ruby earrings in a bowl of warm water and add washing up soap. Make sure this soap is unscentedLeave them soaked for thirty minutes. Next, rinse the earrings by using a cloth. After this, remove any leftover residue with a toothbrushRepeat this process frequently during the year

How to wear ruby earrings?

Altınbaş ruby earrings have exquisite detailing and are designed to be worn comfortably in your ear. They work perfectly for people with sensitive ears. Due to the convenience and easy usage, you can wear Altınbaş ruby earrings with any outfit or on any occasion. But, it would help if you choose an outfit with neutral tones. For example, colors like white, tan, and gold will enhance the redness of this precious stone. It will become the core point of your ensemble.