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0.08 Carat Ruby Diamond Ring
$ 462

35% Discount

$ 302

0.07 Carat Ruby Diamond Ring
$ 483

30% Discount

$ 338

0.54 Carat Ruby Diamond Ring
$ 1.949

35% Discount

$ 1.267

0.07 Carat Ruby Diamond Ring
$ 531

30% Discount

$ 372

0.14 Carat Ruby Diamond Ring
$ 1.267

30% Discount

$ 887

0.41 Carat Ruby Diamond Ring
$ 2.291

30% Discount

$ 1.604

0.10 Carat Ruby Diamond Ring
$ 490

40% Discount

$ 294


0.16 Carat Ruby Diamond Ring
$ 610

25% Discount

$ 458

0.02 Carat Ruby Diamond Ring
$ 849

30% Discount

$ 594

0.21 Carat Ruby Diamond Ring
$ 998

30% Discount

$ 699

0.28 Carat Ruby Diamond Ring
$ 1.272

40% Discount

$ 763

0.06 Carat Ruby Diamond Ring
$ 550

30% Discount

$ 385

0.14 Carat Ruby Diamond Ring
$ 660

30% Discount

$ 462

0.07 Carat Ruby Diamond Ring
$ 1.035

30% Discount

$ 725

0.29 Carat Ruby Diamond Ring
$ 1.350

40% Discount

$ 810

0.49 Carat Ruby Diamond Ring
$ 1.398

40% Discount

$ 839

0.20 Carat Ruby Diamond Ring
$ 1.766

30% Discount

$ 1.236

0.22 Carat Ruby Diamond Ring
$ 1.550

40% Discount

$ 930

0.19 Carat Ruby Diamond Ring
$ 1.343

30% Discount

$ 940

0.48 Carat Ruby Diamond Ring
$ 1.490

30% Discount

$ 1.043

0.66 Carat Ruby Diamond Ring
$ 2.033

40% Discount

$ 1.220

'The embodiment of style and beauty’ - purely reflects the essence of Ruby jewelry. Altınbaş presents a whole new innovative collection of ruby jewelry for today’s modern generation. Altınbaş artisans are best known for their brilliant stone cutting techniques and exquisite designs. You are welcomed into an exclusive series of Altınbaş ruby rings, specially designed for your occasions and special events.
These delicate and artistic ruby diamond rings appeal to all women with diverse tastes and preferences. Ruby rings made of stellar quality, and untainted diamonds are perfect for your engagements and weddings. It’s time to turn your dreamy wedding into a truly memorable one with impressive ruby diamond rings. Altınbaş ruby rings feature simple and stylish combinations of fine-cut diamonds with unmatchable ruby stone, resulting in multiple variations and striking models.

Discover our Ruby Rings

Ruby is one of the most naturally available precious gemstones that is a must-have in every woman’s jewel casket. This deep red stone is valued by different cultures across the globe. Altınbaş stocks up an extensive range of gorgeous ruby diamond rings that will suit any outfit, be it traditional or western wear. You are given the amazing opportunity to explore a variety of ring designs - subtle ones for an everyday look and solid, layered, and heavy pieces for celebratory events.
You can impress your loved ones by gifting them a royal ruby diamond ring, which will light up the romantic ambience. From Mother’s Day to birthdays, from weddings to graduation day, you can choose the right ring for every occasion. The complementing elements of the ring portray attractive figures, such as leaves, flowers, waterdrops, adding glitter and glamour to your overall personality. You will absolutely fall in love with the beautiful blend of red hue ruby and sparkling white diamonds that create an array of versatile rings. Another signature series of emerald rings can be a great addition to your ring collection. You can match emerald rings with ruby rings and create a chic and fresh look.

How to make ruby rings?

Inspired by the love for crafting one of a kind jewelry, Altınbaş experts bring in decades of rich experience to deliver unique masterpieces. The selection of flawless diamonds and crystal clear ruby is the first step in the making; these stones are intricately arranged and supported by a well-thought design approach.
It takes a massive amount of effort and in-depth expertise to craft a single piece of ruby jewelry. Altınbaş craftsmanship dwells in every ruby diamond ring - the result of creativity, originality, and sheer hard work. You will need expert guidance and professional metal tools and cutting techniques to make one at home. This renowned jeweler integrates both traditional aesthetics and advanced technology to achieve exceptional ring shapes and sizes.

What does a ruby ring symbolize?

The lustrous ruby rings always had a symbolic meaning from the ancient period. It represents purity and nobility and is believed to bring happiness into everyone’s lives. Altınbaş ruby rings are a wonderful art of passion and perfection that carries the cultural heritage of the gemstone with utmost grace. As this valuable stone generates positive energy to the wearer, you can gift an adorable ruby diamond ring to your partner for their well-being.