Rubies were called “gems for kings and queens” in certain parts of the ancient world. Altınbaş range of ruby bracelets collection builds efficiently to exude the nobility the ruby gemstone possesses. Ruby encrusted jewelry was believed to give courage and protection to soldiers going to war. And there is no disagreement that the Altınbaş ruby bracelets can’t also give courage and protection to pursue your love as well. Rubies differ from sapphire in their colour but are parallel in their rarity and the subsequent value. The red colour of the ruby represents passion and desire, Which is why these ruby encrusted bracelets will make a nice romantic gift. Any jewelry that the rubies are a part of is sure to evoke strong emotion.Altınbaş ruby bracelets collection will be suitable as a gift to your wife, girlfriend or your lady friend on your anniversary, valentines day or friendship day. These alluring bracelets will be a wonderful surprise to your partner and will be taken as a token of your love. The beautiful ruby bracelets by Altınbaş encompasses gold ruby bracelets, white gold ruby bracelets, diamond & ruby bracelets and many more.

Discover our Ruby Bracelets

Altınbaş ruby bracelets collection is among the premier bracelet collections in the Altınbaş arsenal. These bracelets are made up of simple bright red rubies encrusted on top of excellently crafted gold chains. The gold used in the bracelets is predominantly white colour. For the security of the bracelet there is a lobster clasp that is used to lock the bracelet gracefully onto your hand. While designing, Altınbaş craftsmen ensured that the bracelet complimented the beauty of your hands and crafted the bracelets accordingly. These also come with the combination of ruby and diamond to give the bracelet a maximum effect of luxury without giving up their simplicity. Another simple looking jewelry that exhibits luxury by Altınbaş is theemerald bracelets. Emerald bracelets are also among the premier collections of Altınbaş.

How to clean gold ruby bracelet?

A professional jeweler will clean the ruby gold bracelets using an ultrasonic cleaner. They may also use a steam cleaner to attain the pristine look, provided that no other gemstones that would be affected by the steam are employed in the bracelet.Cleaning ruby gold bracelets can be done at home with the following steps and simple appliances in case there is no professional cleaner available near you.Appliances you need: Distilled or clean water, dishwashing liquid without abrasives, soft cleaning brush/soft toothbrush/soft cloth.Mix the dishwashing liquid in the water to make the cleaning solution.Place the bracelet inside the solution and soak it for 15-20 mins.Scrub the bracelets with a soft cleaning brush after 15 mins of soaking.Rinse the bracelet using clean water and pat them dry with a paper towel/clean cloth.

Ruby Diamond Bracelets

Altınbaş bracelet designs combine ruby with diamond to give them an added sense of royalty and luxury. Combined with the diamond, the ruby bracelets will bring you love, happiness and success when kept in close proximity. The diamonds and rubies used in this collection and all other Altınbaş jewelry are ethically sourced and conflict-free. The ruby diamond bracelets will acquire the elegance to your outfit that will last for a lifetime through its sleek and simple ergonomics.

White Gold Ruby Bracelets

Altınbaş ruby bracelets collection benefits from the exquisite gold craftsmanship onto which the rubies, diamonds or other gemstones are accented. Altınbaş artisans conscientiously use white gold designs on the ruby bracelets to highlight its red hue. These white gold ruby bracelets will make an excellent 40th wedding anniversary or even 15th wedding anniversary as the tradition demands. If you are looking to indulge in this glamorous piece of jewelry or looking at it as a gift for your loved ones, Altınbaş assures you that you’ve acquired exceptional taste.