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Altınbaş 5 stone rings are gorgeous replacements for the traditional single stone solitaire rings or the more variety designs of trilogy, cluster, and diamond band rings. The five stone rings will look superior to the classic solitaire, as more shine is added here with the addition of four extra stones. These rings have five zircon or diamond stones set exquisitely in a single row, making them the most glamorous piece of jewelry that you could own. Altınbaş designs for the five stone rings mount the beautiful five zircon stones at the helm of a carefully crafted ring made of gold. The option is available for you to choose from classic yellow gold or flawless white gold in accordance with your liking. Some rings are crafted, blending both yellow and white gold together, giving you a uniquely exhilarating ring. The 5 stone rings for women by Altınbaş are excellent choices for weddings or engagement rings. Large stone rings and small stone rings are available in the collection to cater to your hand aesthetics. The elegant five stone rings range by Altınbaş encompasses five stone anniversary gold rings, five stone white and yellow gold rings, and more.

Discover our Five Stone Rings

Altınbaş five stone gold ring collection is an in-house design crafted to project your happiness with superior sparkle. The masterly cut zircon stones are mounted in a single file giving them a unique look compared to the classic single stone variant. The five stone rings are similar to the three stone trilogy rings but add a little more bling with the additional two stones. Altınbaş craftsmanship of white or yellow gold accompanies the already extravagant look of the 5 stone rings. All the zircon stones in Altınbaş jewelry are ethically sourced and are of high quality. These cleverly crafted rings are beautiful from every angle and are made in different sizes to fit the aesthetics of your hands. The five stone ring can be worn alone or with other rings to exhibit a luxurious effect. Stack the five stone rings with other rings on your special occasion and be showered with compliments from your friends and family. Another piece of jewelry that will get you a lot of compliments is thebaguette gold rings. You can easily match a five stone gold ring with a baguette gold ring and create a fresh look.

What does the five stone ring represent?

The artful appearance of the five stone ring radiates a feeling of happiness and love. Gifting a five stone ring can be done to mark an important milestone in your relationship or just to state your love to your significant other. This ring also makes an extravagant wedding ring displaying your expanse of love towards her or a minimalistic engagement ring displaying your honesty. The brilliant-cut five-zircon or diamond stones in this beautiful ring can represent five years to come at the start of the relationship. Or the five stones can be represented to celebrate your five years together or five years of marriage. The five stones in the ring make them a thoughtful fifth-anniversary present.

How to clean five stone rings?

The cleaning method may vary slightly depending on the type of gemstone in your ring. Most professional and competent jewelers use ultrasonic cleaning equipment to clean your ring. But you can also use the basic tools lying around your house to clean the ring yourself, in case professional help is not available.Things you need: Mild soap without abrasives, distilled water, a brand new soft toothbrush.Step 1 - Soak the ring in pure water with a few drops of soap solution for a few minutes.Step 2 - Remove the ring from the solution and use the soft toothbrush to scrub the dirt off the ring.Step 3 - Rinse the thoroughly scrubbed ring to remove the dissolved dirt and the soap.Step 4 - Use a paper towel to pat the ring dry. If you face any loss of oil in your ring, that can be restored by a competent jeweler.