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22K Gold Earrings
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22K Gold Earrings

Earrings have been one of the most important pieces of jewelry for all women since ancient times. Today, Altınbaş gives a modern look to ever-lasting 22K gold earrings. The gold earring collection consists of different earring designs.

Discover Our 22K Gold Earrings

The 22K gold earring collection includes earrings in both modern and traditional styles. The always-popular gold hoop earrings can be found in the collection. The elegant models are designed with great care and detailed craftsmanship. Moreover, the collection includes 22-carat gold studs. The extensive product range has minimalist lines with contemporary touches.

22K Gold Earrings Design with Price

Altınbaş offers an affordable price selection for the 22K gold earrings. There are various options at various price ranges. Thanks to the different golden earring prices, it is possible to find different jewelry for different budgets. The designs consist of flower patterns, infinite symbols, the tree of life, and many more. Each design is carefully applied to the 22-carat gold earring pairs.

22K Gold Stud Earrings

The golden earring collection offers a selection of 22K gold stud earrings. The stud earrings have oriental and distinguished patterns such as the tree of life. Each stud earring design signifies the tradition that comes from the past to the present by highlighting the glamour and splendor of gold. Gold studs can be easily matched with other jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets. The harmony of the gold jewelry adds chicness to every style.

22K Gold Hoop Earrings

The 22K gold hoop earrings form the backbone of the collection. Hoop earrings are the simplest yet most popular gold earring jewelry. The gold hoops are suitable for wearing at different events and on different days. These earrings can be matched with everyday clothes as well as with a chic evening dress. The gold hoop earring pairs are suitable for individual use as well as being used with gold bracelets, gold rings, or gold necklaces.