The spellbinding vivid green emerald earrings range by Altınbaş will leave you awestruck. These earrings make a timeless companion for you to shine in your happiest of moments. The earring designs demand diamond encrustations or gold craftsmanship to accompany the luscious emerald centrepiece. The addition of diamond and gold makes the emerald earrings even more magnetic. With their dazzling green colour, these earrings are unique and stand out in a crowd of sparkling jewelry. The Altınbaş emerald earrings pay homage to mother nature, further symbolizing tranquillity, health and good luck.Emerald is rarer than diamonds, making these earrings the most precious jewelry for you to own. A pair of Altınbaş earrings will steal the heart of your loved one the moment you gift them. These earrings make an excellent gift for a variety of occasions and a trustworthy comrade to feature your beauty in all of the special events. The Altınbaş emerald earrings collection encompasses a beautiful range of emerald stud earrings, emerald cut diamond earrings, gold emerald green earrings and more.

Discover Our Emerald Earrings

The Altınbaş collection of emerald earrings inject a generous quantity of sumptuous allure in every one of your outfits, stealing the show each time. The earrings are crafted with brilliant designs by Altınbaş’s artisans. A variety of designs in this collection encompasses dainty accent diamonds encrusted to enhance the overall beauty of the emerald and thereby transforming the earring with the glitz of unattainable luxe. Another variety in this collection involves polished pristine white and yellow gold fashioned to accentuate the mystic of the earrings. All the diamonds and emeralds used in this collection and all other Altınbaş’s jewelry are ethically sourced and are conflict-free. These earrings are styled to match your personality while adding a bit more of an enticing majesty. You can find other earrings by Altınbaş that capture the brilliance and royalty of their gemstone in theRuby Earringscollection.

Emerald Stud Earrings

The emerald earrings range offer different varieties in its designs like emerald clusters, emerald stud earrings and emerald drop earrings. The emerald stud earrings are for the fashionistas like you who prefer a little subtle way for making their fashion statement. The stud earrings with vivid emeralds, posh gold designs and bewitching romantic diamonds make an exciting little luxury treat to your loved ones if you choose to gift them. You can match these stud earrings with a stylish emerald necklace by Altınbaş for a complete look.

Natural Emerald Earrings

There are two kinds of emeralds used by jewelers around the globe: the natural emerald and the lab-created emerald. The natural emeralds are rarer of the two and therefore the most precious. These natural emeralds are even rarer than the diamond itself. Altınbaş jewelry uses natural emeralds in all of the jewelry. And the emeralds used in the jewelry are ethically sourced. You can accessorize emerald earrings for simple detailing on a lunch date or combine it with matching ensembles to put yourself in the centre of attention on the dressy balls.

How to Clean Emerald Earrings?

You can clean your emerald earrings with the assistance of your professional jeweler. Do not use ultrasonic cleaners on natural emeralds. Ultrasonic cleaning will remove the oil from the natural emerald. If this happens, visit your jeweler for him to refurbish the oil back onto the emerald. For regular cleaning of the emerald earrings (which is highly recommended) at an instance where professional help is not available, clean them with your home-based assistance.Things you will need for the cleaning process: soap without abrasives, soft brush, distilled water.Place the earring in the cleaning solution made up of one cup of water 3-4 drops of soap liquid.Remove the earring and scrub off the dirt with a soft brush.Rinse the soap and dirt after scrubbing using distilled water and pat them dry with a paper towel.