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Pearl Gold Necklace
Pearl Gold Necklace
$ 279

15% Discount

$ 237

Pearl Gold Necklace
Pearl Gold Necklace
$ 336

15% Discount

$ 286

Glamorous pearl necklaces and elegant models are at Altinbas for you!

Among the symbols of elegance, the pearl stands out with its sparkling gold and pearl necklace shape. You can show your style with gold pearl necklaces that have unique designs and are crafted with the creative designs of Altinbas. Gold pearl necklaces, which are among the favorite jewels of women, represent the world's most valuable jewelery. You can also have elegant and aesthetically designed gold pearl necklaces with altinbas privilege.

Pearls are among the most elegant gifts of nature and rare gemstones. Altinbas pearl necklaces, which have a natural look, let you feel the purity and reflection of white in the most sparkling way. With its charming and sumptuous style, you can choose gold pearl necklaces that suit every style and taste, not just for your special days, but also for daily use. Gold pearl necklaces give your style an alternative look.

The most important addition to elegance is the combination of pearl necklaces with Altinbas collection. You can choose gold pearl necklaces that are among the most precious and romantic gifts for your loved ones to make your special day even more special and meaningful. Gold pearl necklaces with an aesthetic attitude await you with the Altinbas guarantee.