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Pearl Gold Earrings
Pearl Gold Earrings
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Pearl Gold Earrings
Pearl Gold Earrings
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Pearl Gold Earrings
Pearl Gold Earrings
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Pearl Gold Earring
Pearl Gold Earring
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Pearl Gold Earrings
Pearl Gold Earrings
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Timeless and classic in every way, pearl earrings are among the most integral of a woman’s jewelry collection. Elegant and simple, they suit just about any outfit, be it traditional or modern. Their place in the fashion, party, or the professional world is cemented in stone. The reason is simple. One always looks better in pearls. This is because of the way the mother of the pearl is designed. What makes the pearl so desirable is the quality of the nacre, which forms the outside shell. The thick, smooth surface adds sheen and luster to the pearl, making it much loved by most women.
An expert in pearl, Altınbaş brings to you the best quality pearl earrings and pearl drop earrings for women. Celebrate yourselves with their precious collection suitable for every occasion and the casual every day look. Altınbaş brings you the best high-quality pearls for a lifetime of memories.

Discover our Pearl Earrings

Popularly known as a gemstone, pearls are truly unique as they are the only gem found in live nature. Altınbaş presents to you a beautiful collection of pearls that guarantee quality and craftsmanship. With a legacy of many years in the jewelry industry, you can find the best pearl sets that include pearl earrings and pearl drop earrings for women. Altınbaş has a wide range of pearl earrings designed to suit your fashion taste.

Where to buy pearl earrings?

If you are looking for the best high-quality pearls of various colours, you will be pleasantly surprised with the wide range of collections brought to you by Altınbaş. A top-notch and exclusive jewelry store, Altınbaş specializes in bringing to you popular designs and versatile looks for your favourite outfits - be it traditional or modern. Original pearl jewelry at the best prices is available only at Altınbaş.

How to make pearl earrings?

The designs brought to you by Altınbaş are carefully selected and created by the best artists and jewelry experts. The technology used to create the perfect combination of pearl earrings and pearl drop earrings for women is a worthy addition to any collection.
Make your own elegant pearl earrings with these simple steps
String the freshwater pearl on a headpin
Trim the end, leaving one centimetre of pin above the pearl
Bend the pin to ninety degrees
Loop a 3.5 mm jump ring through the headpin
Add on a similar spiral and close the jump ring to hold them together
Add the ear wire and bring the pearl to the front
Repeat and gift yourself a wonderful pair of freshwater pearl earrings

How to clean pearl earrings?

If there are visible stains on the pearl earrings, create a solution of mild dish soap and lukewarm water. Wipe the pearls with a soft cloth. Ensure that you do not dip the earring into the solution as it could weaken the thread within the jewelry. Too hot or too cold water could damage the pearl, so ensure that you check the temperature of the water.
Altınbaş presents to you 100% certified gold earrings and pearl jewelry to discover the beauty, style, and grace.