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Hoop Gold Earrings
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0.12 Carat Hoop Diamond Earrings
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0.30 Carat Hoop Diamond Earrings
$ 890

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0.51 Carat Hoop Diamond Earrings
$ 1.612

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0.73 Carat Hoop Diamond Earrings
$ 2.475

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1.74 Carat Hoop Diamond Earrings
$ 4.485

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$ 2.438

Altınbaş diamonds are forever, especially when they are in the form of hoop earrings. Like its shape, these earrings symbolise the circle of trust. As a result, they make the ideal present for a loved one on every special occasion. With the entrancing circle of Altınbaş Diamond Hoop Earrings, you can cast a spell everywhere you turn.
Crafting a hoop earring design is always fun, and Altınbaş has come up with never-seen-before looks. Sleek and alluring, Altınbaş Diamond Hoop Earrings are a perfect way to add a slight shimmer to your office or evening look. Beautiful jewelry complements your everyday style and enhances your look.

Discover Our Diamond Hoop Earrings

The hoop earrings never go out of style. It’s best-liked jewelry by women all around the world. Altınbaş Diamond Hoop Earrings address the fine pleasures of life. The shining of diamonds and exclusive design provides an elegant experience. If you are looking for a surprise for your loved one, Altınbaş Diamond Hoop Earrings can surely do the trick. They add charm to any ensemble and create a statement for any occasion. Altınbaş Diamond Hoop Earrings on any given day turn a few heads.
Altınbaş Diamond Hoop Earrings are detailed and modern. Each pair is intertwined and set with rare and responsibly sourced diamonds. It is available in a variety of options like gold hoop diamond earrings, silver hoop diamond earrings, and more. Dainty and elegant, these earrings are sure to elevate your look with their shine. Whether your look is classic or modern, Altınbaş has earrings for you.
Another set of earrings designed to hero the diamonds at the center are Altınbaş Solitaire Diamond Earrings. For the woman who loves to make the first impression, these earrings are the perfect way to do so. Single diamonds complement unique designs to make sure all eyes are on you. Whether you are attending a party or royal gala, Altınbaş Solitaire Diamond Earrings are sure to make you the center of attraction. They elevate your outfit and help you shine and spread your charm on any occassion.

White Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings

Gold is a timeless classic, especially jewelry in yellow gold. But, there’s no denying that white gold uplifts the jewelry and gives it a modern look. Also, white gold is hard and durable. At Altınbaş, get that perfect pair of white gold diamond hoop earrings. A combination of lustrous and modernistic designs. These alluring earrings transform your day into a sparkling journey to remember. They depict the perfect setting of the sun shining on the snow during winter.

How to Clean Diamond Hoop Earrings?

Diamond Hoop Earrings need cleaning, especially if you want to keep that sparkle going. Here are some ways to clean them.
Place the diamond earrings in a bowl of warm water and add unscented liquid soap. Mix them and leave for thirty minutes
Rinse the earring with a clean cloth and use a toothbrush to remove any leftover residue. Repeat this process frequently during the year.