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Solitaire Gold Ring
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Gold Ring
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Good Luck Gold Ring
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Femme Gold Ring
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Femme Gold Ring
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Solitaire Gold Ring
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Solitaire Gold Ring
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Altınbaş Life Evil Eye Gold Ring
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Baguette Gold Ring
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Gold Ring
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Femme Gold Ring
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The highly valued and most preferred metal, Gold, has a special place in everyone’s hearts, especially women. What if you are introduced to a masterpiece collection of gold jewelry? The leading Turkish jewelry group, Altınbaş, presents you with a plethora of stunning gold necklaces, bracelets, wedding rings, gold bangles, and awe-inspiring designs for you to choose from.
This precious metal represents wealth and prosperity and is known to adorn your personality anytime. It has become more of customary practice to sport auspicious gold jewelry for traditional festivals and family events. Altınbaş gold rings are exceptionally crafted to mark every moment of togetherness. Let every moment linger in your hearts with unlimited happiness and warmth.

Discover Our Gold Rings

Gold rings are intricately built small ornaments that add elegance and sparkle to your fingers. These fashionable rings are a subtle expression of love and compassion, hence universally regarded as the ideal gifting idea for your dear ones. Altınbaş gold rings are uniquely embellished with high-quality gemstones and weaved together to create that scintillating finish! From bold, solid designs to delicate soft patterns, Altınbaş has it all to suit the new-age expectations. These lovely rings come in a number of sizes and designs, offering you a wide range of choices to customize just as you want.
Your desire meets a new style with Altınbaş. Become a modern fashionista by sporting a dazzling ring along with your favorite outfit. Altınbaş jewelry experts go the extra mile in designing exquisite rings, tailor-made for every occasion. Classic customized engagement rings, creative antique gold rings, casual rings collections, couple rings, and whatnot? When you plan to buy something special for your loved one, you can go for the signature gold ring collection or personalized gold eternity rings.

How to Make Gold Rings?

It’s not a cakewalk to master the art of designing gold rings. Professional jewel experts like Altınbaş are able to achieve stellar creations with their vast industry experience. The whole process of creation is a special bond between the craftsman and the beautiful ring. The traditional hammer and anvil method is easier than other casting methods. Below are a few basic steps to be followed. The ring will transform beautifully with time and level of expertise.
Melt the scrap gold. You would require various tools in the process.
You need to hammer until you get a strip. This determines the ring’s thickness.
The next step is to overlap the gold strip before cutting. Obtain the appropriate length gold strip to match the specific ring size.
Make an even cut with proper wire cutters.
The complex step is to fuse the ends of the ring. Once the gold is fused, you need to hammer the ring to the perfect size. The ring needs to be polished using several techniques to achieve a true gold color.

How to polish gold rings? How to clean gold rings?

Thanks to Altınbaş internationally certified method that goes into making your most cherished gold rings. It’s significant to handle the jewel with utmost care to retain its natural look and texture. Frequent cleaning or polishing of the ring is not necessary as it might wear away the surface. You can polish or clean your ring once or twice a year if you opt for professional polishing.
Gold rings with colored stones must be taken to a professional as different stones react differently to even the mildest chemicals. You can simply mix some mild detergent with a few drops of ammonia in lukewarm water and carefully wash your ring with a soft toothbrush. Don’t forget to keep your jewelry away from acidic environments, chemicals, and cosmetics.