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Letter L Gold Necklace
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Letter O Gold Necklace
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Letter J Gold Necklace
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Letter D Gold Necklace
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Letter L Gold Necklace
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Letter M Gold Necklace
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Letter V Gold Necklace
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Letter R Gold Necklace
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Marin Letter I Gold Necklace
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$ 882

Marin Letter E Gold Necklace
$ 1.113

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$ 890

There’s nothing like the feeling of having the initial of your loved one around your neck. It is sure to give you a feeling that they are constantly with you regardless of your circumstances and travel with you through hardships. It is customary in many cultures to wear the initials of your spouse on either your neck or wrist as it is said to bring good luck to your relationship and establish an everlasting bond between you and your partner.
Altınbaş letter necklaces are designed in different ways and models which suit each individual’s personality. They are crafted with precision and caring hands to ensure the utmost quality and beauty. Altınbaş letter necklaces are the best option for someone special, someone you cherish the most.

Discover Our Letter Necklace Gold

Altınbaş gold letter necklace is one of the most meaningful gifts that you could give to your partner, parent, or child. They are crafted with a modern touch and unique designs which are quite captivating to the eye. They make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, or weddings. Altınbaş ensures to provide the best designs of letter necklaces that are made of high-quality gold. They are crafted with perfection and precision and are polished to a gleaming shine.
Altınbaş designs different styles of necklaces with various letters. You can choose any letter that is suitable for your needs. Also, all necklaces are made up of gold which is carefully crafted to your liking and preference. They are highly durable and are not prone to fade even after several years of continuous use.

14K Gold Letter Necklaces

Altınbaş 14k gold letter necklaces are made to perfection and designed with care. They go through a systematic process in creation and craftsmanship. A name necklace with the first letter of the initial is considered to be of great importance and is revered by many. Therefore, Altınbaş takes effort to ensure precision craftsmanship with a well-polished product finish. 14k carat gold is smelted and poured into moulds of different letters to achieve the right shape and structure. It is later cooled down and polished with care. The finished letter is then woven into the chain and sealed to ensure that it doesn’t fall down.

Letter J Necklaces Gold

If your loved ones’ name starts with the letter J, you can choose the gold letter necklace J. Necklaces with the letter J are made with the same amount of care, dedication, and precision. Altınbaş always adheres to the required standard operating procedures and ensures top-notch quality in delivery. Letter J gold necklaces can also be tied to a car’s front mirror or even as a showpiece on your living room shelf or showcase.

Letter K Necklaces Gold

If your loved ones’ name begins with the letter K, Altınbaş has the letter K gold necklace, which you could gift to them. Handcrafted with perfection, letter K gold necklaces are made with an original design with ensured creativity. Altınbaş has been designing different types of necklaces and gold jewellery in varied patterns. You can expect the best designs and choose any letter from A to Z according to your requirements.