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0.27 Carat Pearl Diamond Earrings
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Certain jewelry sparks your desire even when they stand alone, like a pair of Altınbaş' pearl earrings, but when they are mingled with another equally desirable object like diamonds, your passion can no longer be contained. Such a combination is a formidable expression of majesty, Altınbaş range of pearl and diamond earrings collection exudes nothing but majesty. The pearl and diamond earrings range is the result of the Altınbaş artisan's finesse. The artisan's expertise and experience paved the way for combining the diamond and pearls in unique and complementary ways. Pearls and diamonds are quintessential romantic gifts. You give a beautiful pearl-diamond necklace to your loved ones and make them happy. On Valentine's Day or wedding anniversary, these pearl diamond earrings make an excellent gift.
Altınbaş pearl and diamond earrings fuse the sheen roundish jubilation of the pearls with the crystalline tetrahedral brilliance of the diamonds. You can express your love without holding back on any of your feelings through this earrings range. These well-crafted earrings construct a romantic sensibility of your love for the world to appreciate.

Discover Our Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Altınbaş pearl and diamond earrings collection encompasses creamy freshwater pearls encrusted along with high-grade diamonds onto impeccably crafted earring design. All the diamonds and pearls used on this and all of the Altınbaş jewelry are ethically sourced and are conflict-free. Each and every cut of the diamonds are nothing short of perfection.
These pearl and diamond earrings by Altınbaş make a very good Mother's Day present, as it is the jewelry that any mother wishes to have. The pearl traditionally symbolizes the start of something new; this makes the earrings a perfect gift for your wedding. Through its pristine white colour, the pearl represents purity and loyalty, which is an ideal message to send to your romantic partner and make her feel special on Valentine’s Day. Also, a pair of Altınbaş pearl and diamond earrings will make a suitable gift for the bridesmaid at your wedding.

Pearl Diamond Stud Earrings

If you are looking for companion jewelry to compliment her pearl necklace, then the pearl diamond stud earrings are an excellent choice. These earrings can give detail to your face without going overboard. The diamond's optical properties are used in this design by Altınbaş' artisans to produce a fiery radiance. These pearl-diamond stud earrings are crafted to retain the classic look with a more contemporary twist. The diamonds in this earring can be the tribute of your love thus far, and the pearls can be the toast for the new beginning with your beautiful lady. Because of this, the pearl diamond earrings will make a perfect Valentine's Day or wedding anniversary gift.

How to Wear Pearl Diamond Stud Earrings?

There are various factors to consider before wearing a pearl stud earring. For starters, acknowledge the weight and carat as two different things. You should consider the size of the pearl in your stud according to your liking. The size of the pearl can range from 2 mm to 20 mm. After which, you should consider the colour and lustre of your pearl. Another thing that should be taken into consideration is your personal style. You can wear these stud earrings along with your diamond or pearl necklace to produce the maximum effect. A pearl and diamond stud earring add grandeur to you from the moment you wear them. A more extravagant earring option by Altınbaş is the diamond hoop earrings.