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Altınbaş adds naturalness to your elegance with solitaire diamond pendant models that will appeal to all ages and tastes. You can make your beloveds happy and pamper yourself with diamond necklace models brought to life with Altınbaş designs. You also can wear your diamond solitaire necklaces on with your sports clothes that will increase the sparkle of your special day and night outfits.

Jewelry is one of the most valuable possessions and treasured accessories of a woman. Having been around for thousands of years, jewelry never loses its essence while making a fashion statement. Be it traditional, modern or contemporary, the magic is never lost. A diamond solitaire necklace for women is a prime example of this statement. Altınbaş presents to you an invaluable collection of diamond solitaire necklaces for all occasions. These pieces of jewelry effortlessly showcase the elegance of a woman with a touch of grace and style.

Discover our diamond solitaire necklaces:

A most valued piece of jewelry, a diamond solitaire necklace, is found in many women's collections. Having taken the masses by storm, they are extremely attractive and catch the eye of the audience in the blink of an eye. Personally handcrafted keeping in mind the quality and trending designs, the experts of Altınbaş have created the ultimate collection of diamond solitaire necklaces for style, grace and poise. Every piece of jewelry can win your heart and make you come back for more.

What is a solitaire necklace?

The term ‘solitaire’ is used to symbolize a jewelry set that has been styled with just a single diamond. With a single gemstone, a diamond solitaire necklace for women is a trendy choice. A solitaire necklace is usually made up of a single diamond. This gemstone stands alone on the jewelry chain. The chain is generally made up of white gold, platinum or yellow gold. Altınbaş’s precious collection of solitaire necklaces brings you joy - be it as the giver or the receiver. They also make for the perfect gift that you can give yourself.

Is a Solitaire Diamond a Real Diamond?

A solitaire diamond is defined as a single diamond gemstone that is set into a necklace. A solitaire setting includes a diamond, but not every diamond needs to be a solitaire. A solitaire diamond necklace features a single diamond stone in it.However, there is a question in most people’s minds, ‘Is a solitaire diamond a good investment?’. To clarify, the answer is yes. A good solitaire diamond can fetch upto 95% market value. The number could come down in the case of smaller diamonds.

Which solitaire diamond is best?

The better the cut, the brighter the diamond will look. Altınbaş brings you a brilliant collection ofdiamond letter necklacesthat make any occasion you attend memorable.Tips for picking the perfect diamond solitaire necklace:Choose a diamond solitaire that is less than one in carat and not lower than H in colourLook for a solitaire that is clean of inclusions and blemishesThe shape of the diamond is critical to the design of the necklace, as well as the length of the chainCompare similar diamonds to see the difference and understand your tastesWhile selecting a solitaire diamond, look for the cut, the clarity and the colour. A certified expert in a diamond solitaire necklace for women is an excellent place to begin with.