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Altınbaş brings you elegant pearl sets to match your aesthetics. The designs are intricate and chic to add to your charm and beauty. Get the timeless as well as ultra-contemporary look in just one place. Whether you are looking for a gift for your mother or your loved one, there are a variety of options to choose from. Altınbaş pearl sets live to tell your story for many generations to come.Pearls are known to be elegant, radiant, and magical. They've always embodied femininity and timeless elegance. Pearl sets have been the supreme symbol of dominance, resilience, and prosperity for many generations. Altınbaş pearl sets can reflect your distinctive style and say a lot about you as a person with sophisticated and minimal design. Adorned by royalty, these pearl sets personify extravagance in an understated way.

Discover Our Pearl Sets

Due to their pureness and elegance, pearls are vital for every woman’s jewelry collection. Altınbaş pearl sets have the exact features. With minimal and elegant designs, they enhance your look for any occasion. The necklace and earrings suit your everyday look, you can pair them with your formal outfits or wear them at meetings or parties. Whether it be your wedding or engagement, Altınbaş pearl set is an ideal gifting option for important occasions. Altınbaş pearl sets add glamour and luxury to any outfit.

Pearl Jewelry Sets

Wouldn't it be amazing if your jewelry could be passed down through the generations? That's exactly what you can do with a collection of pure and pristine pearl jewelry. Combined with the gold, Altınbaş pearl jewelry sets are carefully crafted to celebrate the special days in your life. Beautifully designed necklace with a matching pair of earrings, these pearl jewelry sets are made up of premium quality pearls. If you are looking for a luxe look, Altınbaş pearl jewelry set is a perfect choice.Pearlwedding rings, including necklaces and earrings, reflect honesty, dignity, generosity, and innocence, making them an apt choice for your marriage. It is a timeless beauty for a vintage-loving bride-to-be.

How to Clean Pearl Jewelry Sets?

Pearl jewelry sets can be passed on from one generation to the next. They are delicate and require good care and maintenance. To hold the luster, clean the pearls with a soft cloth any time you remove them. Remove some body oil that might be on the skin as well.Additionally, if the pearls appear dingy, give them a proper cleaning. Once a year, send the pearls to a jeweler for a good, thorough cleaning. And cultivated pearls must be treated with caution to maintain their luster. So, gentle and conservative cleaning are the keys to pearl maintenance. However, if you find that your pearls are losing their luster, it may be that they are being washed too often or too rigorously.

To clear pearl jewelry sets, pay attention to these steps:

Give pearls a quick inspection

Dampen the cloth with soap water

Wipe the pearls with a clean cloth

Air-dry the pearls