Name bracelets have become quite popular over the last decade as they are known for their versatile nature and customisable manner. Altınbaş name bracelets are known for their light structure and unique design. They can adapt to any type of clothing and blend in with different environments. You can wear the bracelet with your sports jersey, with a business suit while attending a client meeting, or at a fancy party with your friends. They are designed in an intricate manner and given highest attention to detail for increased uniqueness and enhanced design appeal. You can choose from a wide range of name bracelets of different sizes and designs that are made up of either 14k or 22k gold.

Discover our Name Bracelets

Altınbaş name bracelets are made after order through a unique, robust process with clean finishing and beautiful design patterns. You need to choose the name you want on the bracelet and get it done according to your preferred design. Gifting name bracelets to your loved ones on wedding anniversaries, birthdays, festive occasions, engagements, valentine’s day, mother’s day, father’s day etc are the best ways to strengthen relationships. Bring that sparkle in their eyes through wonderfully crafted name bracelets that enrich and enshrine your relationship with them.

14K Gold name bracelets

Altınbaş specialises in designing different types of gold name bracelets in different designs and nature of materials as well. You can choose a suitable bracelet according to your budget. Altınbaş sells both 14k gold name bracelets and22k gold bracelets. Gold name bracelets are crafted carefully with gold smelted at the right temperature in an ideal environment with suitable tools. Custom moulds are created as per your request, and a bracelet is created accordingly. The finished product is then polished and coated with required minerals to ensure consistency in design with a unique finish and good lustre.Altınbaş also creates 14k name bracelets with not just names but also numbers, letters and symbols. If you are planning to gift your spouse a bracelet, you have the option to add a custom name with numbers or even a cute heart-shaped symbol. If you are gifting your child a 14k bracelet for his birthday, you can add the symbol of a football, car, or doll. Also, Altınbaş specialises in designing gold name bracelets for kids by writing names on a doll shaped gold plate.

Does Altınbaş Have Personalised Men’s Bracelet?

Altınbaş name bracelets come with a wide variety of personalisation options for men to choose from. You can choose the required design and the name; Altınbaş will design a custom made name bracelet to your liking. There are no gender constraints on wearing a bracelet, and you can feel free to choose any design.Altınbaş name bracelets are made up of 14k and 22k gold with unique designs that suit a wide array of audiences. They are built to remain strong, durable, less prone to corrosion and fading. They really enhance your personality and are great to look at.