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Be it in the form of jewelry or investment in the form of coins- gold has always been the number 1 choice. A chain is one of the best options to elevate your outfit. Especially when it comes to Men's Gold Necklaces, they become an indispensable part of everyday life. With this in mind, Altınbaş brings you a premium range of gold necklaces professionally designed to suit your style. Bringing luxury style directly to you; these necklaces are a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Altınbaş Men’s Gold Necklaces are sleek and stylish, with unique pendant designs available in various sizes. The collection offers aesthetically pleasing men's white gold necklaces, men's fashion necklaces, and more to suit every persona of all ages.

Discover our Men's Gold Necklaces

Necklaces are very trendy nowadays as they give extra elegance and it looks spectacular when worn on the neck. Also, men's interest in gold jewelry is growing day by day.Finding the perfect gold necklace isn't as easy as it looks; that's why Altınbaş provides you with a variety of options in a single place, making your quest for the perfect gold necklace easy. Traditional or contemporary; everyday wear or formal wear; there are various options to choose from depending on your requirement and style. Altınbaş men's gold necklace is just the jewellery you need right now to show your charm.Be it an anniversary, birthday or just any other day, Altınbaş Men's Gold Necklace can become an ideal gifting choice. You can express your love to him with Altınbaş Men's Gold Necklace collection. They can bring back romance into your lives.Furthermore, AltınbaşMen's Gold Braceletcollection is a perfect way to enhance your guy's look. Available in different designs, they can add to his charisma and style quotient.

14K Gold Necklaces

If you want to own exquisite pieces of jewellery, then Altınbaş 14K Gold Necklaces is one of the most popular choices. It is quite affordable and relatively durable than purer and expensive pieces. Altınbaş 14K Gold Necklaces add a luxe charm to your outfit with its stunning designs.

How many mm should a man's chain be?

The ideal measurement of a man's chain is 50 cm in length and 2-6 mm in width. If you want to add a pendant, you should shop for a necklace that is around 55-60 cm in length and 4-6 mm in width. Altınbaş Men's Gold Necklace collection always provides you with these measurements.

How to wear men's necklaces?

Your style and requirements define how you wear your necklace. However, you decide to wear it, choose a type that tells your story. Also, understand your style and choose what you will wear with your necklace. Based on this information, decide on the size and length. You can make a choice of the colour and understand the matching metal. Those who want to show the necklace can wear it on the clothes, or those who do not want to show it can wear it under them. In any case, it will suit your style very well.