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Your children are the most precious beauty for you to behold in this world, and you would want the best jewelry for them that compliment their magical lure, like the kids Altınbaş diamond earrings. The life of children are fun-filled; they live in the fantasy land from the stories you tell them. These kids’ focused diamonds earring by Altınbaş are straight out of fairy tales. Your children’s light-hearted personality is captured using playful designs with vivacious colour patterns to get their attention. You can give these diamond earrings to your kids as their birthday gifts. The impressive and successful craftsmanship of these beautiful jewelry will attract your attention with its quality.Altınbaş’ kids' diamond earrings are specially designed to please your little fairy. These earrings will feature your child’s cuteness for the whole world to see. Diamond earrings are an excellent gift on a wide range of special occasions like birthdays, holidays and Christmas etc. The beautiful Altınbaş collection of kids' diamond earrings encompasses regular diamond earrings for baby, small diamond earrings for baby and more.

Discover our Diamond Earrings for Kids

Altınbaş kids diamond earring series is possibly the most adorable looking collection in the Altınbaş’ product range. The series employs gold craftsmanship to bring elegance to its playful designs. The diamonds used in these earrings are authentic and carefully cut. The ethically sourced diamonds are conflict-free. All of the designs are handpicked animated shapes and forms to represent your children’s favourite fairy tales. The flamboyant colour of the earrings makes it easy for kids to like them. These diamond earrings add glitz to your child’s pretty ears. You can combine the earrings with a luscious Altınbaş diamond necklace to clothe your child with praise of the guests, family and friends in any special events. If you love the Altınbaş design for kids diamond earrings, then you will also love the kidsdiamond necklacecollection by Altınbaş.

What Is The Best Type of Earrings for Kids?

Babies and kids are not like adults; they need earrings that are specifically built for their delicate ears. A lightweight stud earring that is comfortable on their ears is highly recommended. It is shrewd to choose earrings that have extra backing to keep them securely in the spot. The earrings that offer the screw back mechanism are among the best ones to buy. Also, ensure the material used to make earrings are hypoallergenic and are of premium quality, like Altınbaş diamond earrings. You can pick designs that are jolly and colourful like your kid’s personality; this will make the jewelry endearing for your kid.

Can Babies Wear Diamond Earrings?

Many cultures practice piercing babies’ ears at a very young age. When it comes to your babies, it is never too early to start looking for funky jewelry that adds detail to your child’s appearance. It is very considerate to pierce your baby around her first birthday. Gift her the very first diamond jewelry in the form of fun and simple earrings. You can keep the diamond in her earrings less than .15 carat to protect her tiny earlobe from any harm.