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Altınbaş presents to you ever-stylish 14K gold earrings for men and women. From statement-making trendy gold earrings to simple and subtle earrings, Altınbaş offers them all. Gorgeous styles at jaw-dropping prices are designed by the best experts with care and experience. Altınbaş is the place where fashion statements are made with an artistic touch. These are accessories that not only amplify a simple outfit but also compliment the personality of the wearer.

Discover Our Gold Earrings

Not just a wearable art that depicts meaning and stands for what you believe in, Altınbaş’s 14K gold earrings are also an investment in every way. These gold earrings are certified and available in versatile designs to suit various personalities and budgets. The unique gold earrings exhibit exclusivity and elegance to bring out the style and grace in your appearance. The experts of Altınbaş specially design these finely handcrafted jewelry pieces to suit your preferences.Altınbaş aims to offer a broad range of exclusive pieces of gold earrings to enhance the beauty of women and bring out their individuality with different styles. Be it for formal or informal wear; there is something for everyone.

14K Gold Earrings

If it is trending in the market and loved by fashionistas, it will be available with Altınbaş. When the words ‘gold earrings’ are mentioned, different styles and designs appear in one’s mind. Altınbaş’s gold earrings are not just for fancy occasions such as weddings but simple get-togethers as well as daily wear.The latest collection includes the perfect combination of traditional designs with modern style to bring out the best in both worlds. Be it a simple hoop gold earring or gold earrings with star pendants and elephants; they are all available with Altınbaş. Designs made of agate stones, onyx stones, and black pearls are also obtainable.

Gold Hoop Earrings

The best part of gold hoop earrings is in their versatility. They can suit a traditional as well as a professional outfit. The latest designs and styles at Altınbaş allow you to experiment with your looks and bring style to your game.

How to Tell If Earrings Are Real Gold?

It is a scientific fact that real gold is not magnetic. By holding up a piece of magnet to the gold, one can tell if the earrings are genuine gold or not. Fake gold would stick to the magnet.Also, numbers such as 750 or 583 can be noticed on the gold earring. The purity is represented by parts-per-thousand numbers. 583 means that the earring has been made up of 14K gold. A 750 gold stamp means that the earring is 75% gold. As gold is too soft and prone to breakage, certain base metals are added to strengthen the gold earrings. Hoops, being a delicate shape, might require a touch of another base metal to strengthen the earring.Altınbaş also brings fine qualityemerald earringsto enhance the beauty and grace of every woman’s makeover. These emerald earrings can match your needs and style. You can easily match emerald earrings with gold earrings or other pieces of jewelry and create a chic look. Designed for special occasions, outfits, and personalities, these pieces of jewelry are perfect for all age groups. Be it for long-term use or special days, Altınbaş’s earrings are what you need to make your day.