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Altınbaş’s vast collection of coloured stone rings brings the enhanced magic of jewelry to your fingers. 100% certified jewelry, these rings can not only add colour to your appearance but also to your life. While a simple ring can add class to the look, a coloured stone can complete the look while adding a touch of sparkle to your personality as well. Altınbaş’s collection includes gorgeously green emerald stone rings, hot red ruby rings, sparkling white stone rings, and blue stones that are brighter than any sky. With the variety to match the colours of the rainbow, Altınbaş’s impressive coloured stone rings make for an exquisite addition to any jewelry collection. On any occasion, outfit, or culture, these stones will be a beautiful companion to you.

Discover Our Coloured Stone Rings

Altınbaş presents various choices of coloured stone rings that can make for the perfect gift to yourself or to anyone you would like to bring a smile to. These stones not only add colour to your life but come with deep meaning as well. For instance, the red wine gemstone symbolizes the unity of serenity and passion. The aquamarine ring stands for communication and courage. The light blue topaz reminds you to be true to yourself, no matter what. The classic white diamond is both elegant and modern.Altınbaş brings you a world of stylish coloured stone rings. The collection includes meaningful and dazzling additions to suit birthstones, emotions, and vibrations. The colour and the value that the stone can bring to one’s life go more profound than the style and the design. The healing and the therapeutic effect of Altınbaş provide you with positive vibes that are very much the need of the hour.

How to Restore Coloured Stone Rings?

The symbolism of the coloured stone rings revolves around the themes of stability and permanence. They bring to you the ability to stay grounded and remain connected with Earth. Restoring coloured stones to reactivate the gems is done by many people. Seeing the emotional connection between the coloured stone engagement and wedding rings and the owner, restoring is a very common practice by many.The best way to restore coloured stone rings is to gently scrub the ring with a soft brush and a few mild dish soap water drops. After that, you can rinse and dry it with a piece of cloth. You can also run tap water over it, soak it in a bowl of saltwater or bury it in Earth, rice, or sea salt.

How to Measure A Coloured Stone Ring?

Coloured stone rings are measured with instruments such as gauges or calipers. The stone is placed in the caliper and secured tightly. The measurement can be made in millimetres. They need to be measured in every direction. Taking the shape of the stone, along with its proportions, into consideration is also critical. The diameter can be taken as the average of its length, breadth, and height. The weight estimate of coloured stone 22K gold rings is in carats.