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Altınbaş presents to you the latest collection of Men’s 22K gold ring models. These beautifully crafted rings are customized to suit any occasion. The collection includes traditional, modern and contemporary styles and designs that convey various messages. Fancy and trendy designer rings are available for your tastes.Quality fashion men’s 22K gold ring models ranging from sizes four to twenty are now available at your disposal. From sleek, thin bands to thick ones with stone studded design are here to make your day. They not only make you look more stylish but also add sophistication to your demeanour.

Discover our Men's 22K Gold Rings:

In certain cultures, a man wears a ring on his right ring finger to celebrate his engagement or wedding. That is because rings, when worn on this particular finger, are associated with expressing happiness and joy related to relationships, romance and love.Altınbaş presents Men’s 22K Gold Ring Models that stand for wealth, association, power and commitment. Wearing a ring beyond the band that signals married status is one of the upcoming trends. It displays elitism. Altınbaş presents to you style choices that set your place in society and helps you stand apart from the crowd. Altınbaş’s goal is to help you wear a ring with confidence and grace by providing you with customized styles, designs and different shapes and colours.

What is the difference between a men's 22k gold ring and a 14K gold ring?

It is a fact that 24-carat gold is considered to be the purest of all because there are no alloys added to the mix. The gold parts in a 22K is a mix of 22 parts of gold with 2 parts of alloy. Besides, you can use 14K gold jewelry which contains 14 parts of gold and 10 parts of alloy, with satisfaction and confidence as well.The purity of the gold defines the colour, look and durability of the ring. 14K is also good among the preferable choices for special occasions.22K, on the other hand, dominates the jewelry market for the shiniest and brightest jewelry. Men’s 22K gold rings are durable and bring extra value to any occasion.

How to measure men's 22K gold rings?

When buying Altınbaş’s Men’s 22K gold rings, it is important to know the size of the ring. One way to ensure that the ring size is accurate is by bringing a ring that fits comfortably. Another is to measure the ring size with the following steps:Necessary materials are a piece of paper or a string,First thing you need to do is wrap the paper or the string around the finger on which you want to put the ring.Making a mark at the point where the ends meet will be enough.With a scale or an inch tape, measure the length of the same.Compare the number with a measurement chart of the ring to get the right size.Altınbaş presents to you high-qualitymen’s jewelrywith a variety of choices to suit various moods, purposes and occasions. The beautiful men's 22k gold rings for your collection at Altınbaş are not to be missed.