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0.24 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 580

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$ 365

0.23 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 617

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$ 372

0.18 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 535

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$ 310

0.11 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 398

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$ 254

0.07 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 301

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$ 192

0.12 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 678

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$ 380

0.10 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 354

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$ 248

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$ 201

1.25 Carat Eternity Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 3.885

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$ 2.720

0.42 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 1.166

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$ 757

0.34 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 1.109

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$ 701

0.05 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 329

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$ 230

0.15 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 483

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$ 266

0.19 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 774

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$ 490

0.50 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 1.218

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$ 676

0.16 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 653

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$ 415

0.16 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 849

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$ 594

0.85 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 1.986

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$ 1.378

0.42 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 863

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$ 552

0.24 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 783

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$ 496

0.20 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 752

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$ 526

0.70 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 2.123

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$ 1.372

1.37 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 3.574

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$ 2.144

0.35 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 897

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$ 628

0.10 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 270

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$ 176

0.25 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 743

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$ 391


0.56 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 1.524

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$ 962

0.16 Carat Baguette Diamond Ring
$ 414

30% Discount

$ 290

For women who love 20th-century art deco style in their jewelry, Altınbaş presents a Diamond Baguette rings collection. The diamond baguette rings collection is crafted specifically for catering to women who are different and daring, who want to have an engagement ring that is not the old round cut diamond. If you want to set yourself apart from the other women, then the Altınbaş diamond baguette ring is a perfect choice. The smaller size and simple rectangular shape of the diamond open a wide possibility of designs; they can be lined up one after another to produce a continuous flow of diamonds on a ring. These diamond rings are lightweight and require fewer cuts compared to the other diamond cuts.
The fewer cuts of the baguette diamonds make each cut important. That is why only the baguette diamonds with precise and perfect cuts make it into retail at Altınbaş. Even a chip on the baguette diamond can be easily spotted than on a heavily faceted diamond. All the diamond cuts in the baguette diamond rings are solely high-quality cuts. The beautiful diamond baguette rings collection by Altınbaş encompasses diamond rings, baguette diamond engagement rings, and baguette wedding rings.

Discover Our Diamond Baguette Rings

Altınbaş diamond baguette rings collection is made up of carefully selected baguette diamonds that are cut with precision and perfection. The design and the engineering of the rings are classic, art deco/art nuevo. The lightweight nature of the ring will let you wear it regularly without you feeling any discomfort. These rings are your subtle choice for an engagement ring if you want a simplistic option from the traditional round-cut diamond ring. Altınbaş designs the diamond baguette ring to fit a modern choice of the diamond solitaire. At Altınbaş, you can select the diamond baguette rings that fit your preference in ring design, diamond specification, and metal type due to the wide variety that is available. You can also match diamond baguette rings with different pieces of jewelry, like a sapphire ring and add chicness to your look.

What Is A Baguette Diamond Ring?

The baguette diamond gets its name from the cut and the resulting shape of the diamond. The diamond is cut in a rectangular shape with circular edges, with the resulting shape resembling a french loaf. In french, the loaf translates to the baguette. This style of diamond rings was at its peak popularity around the 1920s due to the prevailing appreciation for the art deco of that time. In the modern versions, the round edges are replaced with square edges. The baguette diamond rings are a popular choice now for eternity rings and wedding rings and the baguette diamonds are also used as side stones elevating the engagement rings.

How to Clean A Baguette Diamond Ring?

The cleaning process of the baguette diamond rings can be easily done at your home with almost nothing.
Step 1: Take a container and prepare a degreasing solution for your diamond ring with distilled water and a few drops of mild soap without abrasives.
Step 2: Dip your diamond ring in the solution or soak in it if necessary.
Step 3: After removing your baguette diamond ring from the cleaning solution, scrub it with a soft toothbrush to remove the remaining dirt.