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Circle Silver Necklace
$ 58

38% Discount

$ 36

Heart & Infinity Silver Necklace
$ 47

40% Discount

$ 28

Circle Silver Necklace
$ 59

39% Discount

$ 36

Circle Silver Necklace
$ 119

11% Discount

$ 106

Heart & Anchor Silver Necklace
$ 52

23% Discount

$ 40

Heart Silver Necklace
$ 48

7% Discount

$ 45

Colored Stone Silver Necklace
$ 118

21% Discount

$ 93

Silver Lock Necklace
$ 61

45% Discount

$ 34

Heart Silver Necklace
$ 49

15% Discount

$ 42

Silver Helm Necklace
$ 51

16% Discount

$ 43

Compass Silver Necklace
$ 175

29% Discount

$ 124

Compass Silver Necklace
$ 216

42% Discount

$ 125

Silver Lock Necklace
$ 61

45% Discount

$ 34

Silver Helm Necklace
$ 48

8% Discount

$ 44

A necklace is an important piece of jewellery for women. This is because they symbolise wealth, social stature and power. Like gold or diamond necklaces, the bright white colour of silver necklaces also resemble richness and wealth. They add a unique charm to your outfit and elevate your style.
Altınbaş silver necklaces add extra charm to your outfit. Available in a variety of options, they add a unique dimension to your overall outfit and give you a bold look. Be it a gown, jeans or office wear, Altınbaş silver necklaces can complement your outfit perfectly. Simplicity with elegance is what Altınbaş silver necklaces bring to your outfit.

Discover our Silver Necklaces

As you know, it is difficult to choose the perfect piece of jewellery for your daily wear. It needs to be simple, elegant and not over the top. That's where Altınbaş silver necklaces come into the picture. The designs attend to both traditional or modern outfits. The artistic interpretations from their expert designers will provide the utmost stylish look.
Be it fish, star, helm or circle; this collection has a statement piece to suit every occasion and your mood. Also, Altınbaş's evil eye silver necklace takes away all the negative energy and protects you from the side effects. Also, the intricate design of the flower silver necklace showcases the valley of flowers. Altınbaş silver necklaces are a perfect choice to wear on both your daily and formal occasions.
Be it a special day in your loved one's life; you always want to make it memorable. And that's what you can do with an Altınbaş silver necklace. They enhance the trust and love in the relationship. Due to its simplicity, you can repeat the same silver jewellery with different outfits every single day. It delivers a sophisticated and new feel.
Altınbaş also presents to you the latest collection of diamond necklaces. The sparkle and shine of the diamond will bring out your inner glow. It will brighten not only your neck but also your life. The designs are classy and timeless and appeal to women of all ages and tastes. Be it in the form of star, bouquet or heart, the stones' cut and clarity are exquisite and pure. Along with diamonds, these necklace designs consist of purple, dark green and saffron-coloured topaz and quartz stones. A perfect combination to match any outfit.

How to clean silver necklaces?

Any silver jewellery tends to lose its lustre from contact with harsh chemicals or perspiration due to its soft, shiny coating. A reputed brand in the market for so many years, Altınbaş excels in professional jewellery cleaning service. With ultrasonic cleaners and cleaning solutions, we remove dirt from the surface and make the jewellery shine. Also, we lookout for any scratches, marks and dents and suggest necessary repairs. Altınbaş uses internationally certified methods to ensure proper cleaning of silver necklaces and restores their sparkle.

How to clean silver necklace with household products?

It’s best to get professional cleaning services from a reliable place like Altınbaş when you want your silver necklace to shine again. But if you can’t access this kind of a service, you can get help from products lying in your kitchen drawer or on your laundry shelf. To find out more about the details of which product could help a specific type of jewellery, you can contact experts at Altınbaş.