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When it comes to gold jewelry, it is not about grandiose but grace and style that makes the difference. Keeping this in mind, Altınbaş presents to you mini gold sets for women. Minimalistic jewelry is the latest trend that has been loved and appreciated by many women. Delicate jewelry sets with simple chains and bands are making their way back to the world of fashion. Millennials or the older generations, everyone is exploring mini gold sets to adopt a unique modern style.
The collection brought to you by Altınbaş is perfect in the current times where many want to take the dressing down a notch. Being able to look classy with a simple touch of gold can be achieved perfectly with Altınbaş’s mini gold sets for women. The minimalist elements to compliment any outfit's appearance are completed with a simple earring set, a chain, and a ring. Keeping it simple is the need of the hour. With this vision in mind, the expert jewelry designers at Altınbaş have created the latest collection to suit everyone's needs and likes.

Discover our Mini Gold Sets

Minimalistic jewelry is easy to wear. No matter what the outfit is, traditional or modern, Altınbaş’s mini gold sets can suit them all. These sets come with a delicate chain attached to a gorgeous pendant with matching earrings and a ring. These mini gold sets are decorated with different styles and designs of coloured stones to suit your mood and personality. They can also suit a formal outfit and are very much perfect for that professional woman. Not much jewelry would match a pant-suit, but that will not be a point of concern with Altınbaş’s mini gold sets for women.

How to clean mini gold sets?

A little oxidized effect on a set of gold jewelry may give it an old look, but when the lustre has been taken away, it is time to clean the mini gold sets. The following steps can be adopted to clean Altınbaş’s mini gold sets:
Materials: Mild dishwashing soap, two bowls of warm water, soft brush, soft cloth
Make a soap water solution with one bowl of water
Soak the mini gold sets in the water for approximately fifteen minutes
Scrub the dislodged dirt and dust that might have accumulated in the mini gold sets
Remove and rinse the jewelry in the plain water water
Use the soft cloth to wipe the mini gold sets dry.
It can be buffed up a little to bring some shine to the look.

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If any jewelry can bring a subtle and understated look to any outfit, Altınbaş’s mini gold sets can. Some jewelry speaks volumes about themselves due to sheer size, and then there are Altınbaş's mini gold sets that say it best with very few words. The sleek designs with fine touches make for perfect gifts to your loved ones. Suitable for any occasion, Altınbaş’s mini gold pearl sets remain a popular buy for all ages.