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When it comes to everyday jewelry, you are spoiled for choice. The choices are infinite, from plain gold chains to affordable elegant silver danglers. However, there is one jewelry piece that creates a statement and makes you glow. That is a simple diamond necklace and earrings.
Altınbaş Mariposa collection symbolises the freedom and elegance of a butterfly. In this collection, the necklace, ring, and earring designs are delicate and simple. Women who believe in sophistication must have Mariposa in their jewelry collection. Be it your spouse, lover, and loved ones, show the value you give them by this exquisite collection.
The Mariposa collection combines quality with a unique creative vision. Each design offers a singular character, while each diamond signifies true radiance. You can add a diamond shimmer to your everyday wear for a long-lasting glow and make a statement every day.

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A diamond necklace and earrings is a jewelry piece that every woman loves. However, most women seem to think that they should wear diamonds only for a special occasion. That's not true. With a simple and delicate design, a diamond necklace can never be too much.
In your day-to-day life, a little extra sparkle can make you happy. Altınbaş Mariposa collection provides elevated designs of diamond necklaces and earrings that can easily be worn every day. The jewelry in this collection is the symbol of love and is designed with Altınbaş's three-dimensional cutting techniques. It can also be combined with classic and sports outfits. This collection's uniqueness is that you can customise and choose the suitable ones that complement your style.
Mariposa jewels, among the most romantic gifts you can choose on special occasions. The designs are ideal for wearing at any time of day and for any dress. By creating classic, sporty, and alternative combinations, you can ensure that all looks are enhanced based on your liking.


Often a fabulous day is wasted without the accompaniment of the perfect daily wear jewelry that could have added to your happiness. When each day is a day to succeed, celebrate, love, laugh, and lead, why not wear fashionable and stunning jewelry too.
Within the Mariposa collection, various butterfly figures are used to bring the pieces of jewelry to life. The designs symbolise love, freedom, and elegance. They have a unique charm that brings out your inner glow.
The rare pieces of the Mariposa collection symbolise the unique combination of love and elegance. Hence, it's an ideal gifting choice for your loved one. If you want to make someone feel valuable and special to you, you can express your feelings in the most naive way with Mariposa designs.
Furthermore, the Mariposa collection can be matched with other Altınbaş jewelry collections like Renk Ahenk (Color Harmony). They are a perfect harmony of colored jewels brought together by Altınbaş. Carefully selected and crafted with exquisite diamonds, the Color Harmony collection of jewelry can brighten your faces. These colored stones have life in them, and superior craftsmanship bestows additional beauty and bling.
Known for its intricate designs and unique style, the Mariposa collection is the one-stop-shop for all your jewelry needs. With the Altınbaş Mariposa collection, you can enjoy the inherent beauty of diamonds and colored stones.