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1-     Jewelry is made of durable yet delicate metarials adorned with precious stones that make people feel valuable. We recommend not to use your jewels in situations such as doing cleaning, sports, goods transportation to avoid crushing, breakage, etc.

2-     In order to protect your jewels like the first day; We recommend that you do not use it with hand washing, swimming or sweaty hands that will come into contact with water. Do not keep your jewelry in hot and humid environments, keep away from oil, soap and detergent type products, personal cleaning products, acidic components, bleach, alcohol, cologne, acetone, hair spray and similar chemicals and do not contact these chemicals. Contact with these factors can result in loss of sparkle and color in your jewelry, damage to the product, stone dropping (loss), and damage beyond repair. We recommend that you wear your jewelery after spraying your perfume.

3-     Do not keep your jewelry in closed, airless places for too long. Oxygen-free environments may cause oxidation on the surface of the jewelery, causing discoloration and loss of luster.

4-     To prevent your jewels from being scratched, they should be protected from impacts and kept in their original box so that they do not come into contact with each other.

5-     Diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, etc. are sensitive to water, moisture and especially to gaseous components such as perfume and deodorant and should be kept away from similar components.

6-     Products with natural stones may change color due to water and moisture (poorly dried, sweaty hand use, being in hot and humid environments, etc.). Natural stones need to be protected from water and moisture.

7-     Since pearl is a natural product, it must contact the skin in order to be long-lasting. In products with pearls, cosmetic products such as water, detergent, perfume, hand cream, hair spray can damage your jewelry, especially pearls. Pearls should not be kept indoors and in an oxygen-free environment for too long.

8-     Clips and locked products should not be forced during use. Maximum sensitivity should be shown in the use of these products.

9-     We recommend you not to use your jewelery in situations where it may be exposed to external influences and impacts (cleaning, sports, carrying heavy items, child care, etc.).




The bigger the diamond, the more rare it is.

The better its color, the more its value.

The clearer it is, the more valuable it is.

It is the cut that gives a diamond its sparkle.

ALTINBAŞ Warranty is indispensable for a diamond.


It is a special weight unit used to indicate the weight of a diamond. It is a standard measure formulated as 1 carat 0.2gram (200 mg). Each carat is divided into 100 equal points. For example; Half carat is 50 points and written as 0.50 ct.



No two diamonds are alike. Each one is unique. The conditions under which the diamond was formed under the earth's crust, the traces of some minerals trapped inside the diamond, and the crystals formed create the unique character of each diamond. The number, color, structure, size and location of these traces, which are also called "fingerprints of nature", show how clean the stone is. As the natural marks on the diamond decrease, the sparkle and clarity of the stone increases. Therefore, the higher the clarity, the higher the value of the diamond.


The only feature of a diamond created by human hands is its cut. Cutting is a feature of the symmetry and dimensions of the stone. It is the most important factor that brings out the sparkle inherent in diamonds. A well-cut diamond perfectly reflects the light by passing it through itself and that characteristic fiery glow of the diamond emerges.


It is a document that shows the suitability and originality of the diamond to its technical specifications. For this reason, it should be paid attention that diamond products are certified. Certificates of Altınbaş jewelery using diamonds supplied from stone producers with Kimberley Process certification, which are called sightholders, are important for your jewelery to be covered by the warranty. They must be carefully kept and stored.