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22K Gold Bracelets

22K gold bracelets are highly popular jewelry among women and men. These bracelets are suitable for everyday use. Also, some gold bracelet models can be preferred for important moments of life such as weddings and engagements. Altınbaş 22K gold bracelet collection offers a wide range of options for different events.

Discover Our 22K Gold Bracelets

Gold bracelets are the best way to reflect elegance and chicness. These bracelets have both traditional and modern designs. Each piece of jewelry in Altınbaş gold bracelet collection is carefully crafted to match the unique styles. Inspired by the traditional heritage, the 22-carat gold bracelet designs reflect every detail of spiritual life.

How to Clean 22K Gold Bracelets?

The cleaning of gold bracelets can be different from gold bangles. In some cases, 22K gold bracelets can have different materials in design such as cords or other stones. The gold section of the bracelets can be cleaned with a dish detergent and water mixture. Also, if there is a diamond or other stones on the 22-carat gold bracelet, these stones can be cleaned in the same way. If the bracelet has a cord, the cord can be cleaned with a soap and water mixture.

22K Gold Bracelets for Men

Gold bracelets are not only popular among women. There are lots of options in Altınbaş for 22K gold bracelets for men. The men’s gold bracelets are designed to reflect the masculine side of this precious metal. Each bracelet design is based on the hard, durable, and strong nature of the materials. Men can choose between traditional and more contemporary design options for everyday use or special occasions.

22K Gold Bracelets

22K gold bracelets come with different patterns for good luck, fertility, fortune, and blessing. The elegant designs of Altınbaş gold bracelets reflect style and tradition with Fatima’s hand and Ottoman sultan signature patterns. Elephant, angel, and evil eye patterns in the 22-carat gold bracelets add a modern look to the never-ending fashion of gold. Each gold bracelet will embellish the looks with spark and glamour.